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It won't, it's in OPEN technical beta, you can sign up and download and play now, with no restrictions. Look at the last post date, and check the announcements part of the forum for more information.

Yeah I'll have to agree that if I can count more TIV's on a team, 90% of the time it's their win. You have outlier players who skew that, but generally speaking higher tier count = the win.

Warthain#2068 posted (#post-113704)

i dont know where people get the idea that palos or the harhick are anti vette ships, if me or any good vette pilot goes 1 on 1 with a harwick that ship will be toast ... with little effort by the way, that ship is nothing but a nuissance and nothing more than that, the only reason its not focused down is because most players have better targets to focus on... i can drain the energy of any palos or harwick and disable all its abilities for 10 seconds, making it a paper thin useless ship on the field and pretty much a free kill...

be happy those who score good with those ships, you are being allowed to do your thing, but dont think you are countering anything, you are just unimportant and ignored... thats the fact here.

Uh huh. Ego much?

No, that's your OPINION here.

See the funny thing is, from the other side of the fence you're on, I've never met a corvette that was a threat. It's artillery cruisers that knock out my Palos or Harwich, not corvettes. Unless its 2-3 against 1. That's not a fact, thats my opinion, and experience.

I'll say it again, you're making a mountain out of a molehill. No one with the capability to get onto your pc will care about dreadnought credentials. It'll be banking details and browser caches. No rightminded hacker is going to go looking for dreadnought config files. Not in 1 million years.

There's being prudent, and then there's being paranoid.

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Sorry, i disagree. While it may be a comfort feature, its an immense weakpoint for security. You know, bad boyz and gurlz are everywhere, with mean intentions, like messing around with your account.

Hardly. You're making a mountain out of a molehill.

If you've got people with the ability to see your files over the internet, the last thing they're going to look for is a text string in a config file in dreadnought, of all things. You've got far bigger problems.

I personally welcome the ability to save the password locally, on my pc. After all, there's NOTHING stopping you having it saved as plain text somewhere else on your pc anyway.

We're not in the position to ask them to give us a reason why it should stay. This isn't a democracy.

Propose a solution to the negativity surrounding maintenance and you might be heard.

edit: ah cr@p, I'd posted that before your reply came through, knight_ldr. smile

Thing is though knight_ldr, they have said it's here to stay, but it's not working as intended, however vague that sounds.

So with that in mind, what alternative to removing it outright do you propose?

Sure, we can sit in this thread and circlejerk about how much we hate it, but at least propose a solution beyond "get rid of it".

Not weighing in on oblivion or oberons argument, but that poll is/was totally biased. Being the creator it's admirable to defend it, but it's pretty plain to see it's not objective at all. I do not disagree with the motives behind it's creation one bit, but Oberon is completely on point about it.

Agreed, I'd like to see more pre-match flexibility.

As said, Fractured space has a pretty engaging gameplay mechanic of crafting the best crew and implant loadouts for each ship, allowing you to pick and choose between them pre-match. It works wonders, and Dreadnought really should re-implement multiple ship loadouts.

Another thing to note with multiple loadouts is you're probably then more inclined to be emotionally invested in a ship, and more likely to spend real money on it for cosmetics.

Silver, you're king of the fairies. That's who Oberon is. OR lovable wolfhound companion of Atticus. Your pick.