the new patch has decreased the load times a bit for me but the menue and swapping between hangars and ships is painfully slow and thats on a ps4 pro with SSHD. I really like this game but I spend more time looking at blank screens that actually doing anything game related.

The patch notes mention hero ships like the Orion which are fixed loadout and spec will contribute free xp after a match? seems pointless to me playing a whole match as a hero ship and getting 200 free xp and 4000+ ship xp which is utterly useless on a pre-cooked hero / store bought ship. Would make sense all XP gained as that ship goes directly into free XP so it can be used elsewhere.

Hero Ships are preconfigured loadouts of historic vessels from the Great Solar War. They contribute directly to your match rewards as Free XP that can be used for all other ships. While they cannot be customized, they do give you access to their appearance items for use on compatible ship classes.

The game is more stable but suffers in the following ..

incredibly slow in loading / menus / swapping between hangars.
Even on my Ps4 Pro with an upgraded SSHD this game takes forever to load anything and lags horrid in all menus.

matchmaking! Terrible - takes forever some times to get into some matches to only then be paired with dumb AI ships.
Onslaught is the only one which is a bit quicker. Forget team elim or anything else unless you want to sit idle for 15+ mins.

Real shame as the game is great when you get in - up to level 30 now and unlocked plenty of ships but minutes of loading and waiting for a 5 minute match is beyond hard work. The loading times must be down to bad optimization.