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Hey there, Captains!

This is not the Elite Time you will receive through your Forunder's Packs, when the game is released.

After the wipe, your previous Elite Status has been reactivated as planned. Additionally, there was a small issue that added even more Elite Time to your account.

Once the game is released, you'll receive your Elite Time as planned.

So, the elite time we have now is completely separate from our founder's elite? Ok, I've got no problem with that, thanks

So this is our actual Elite time ticking down right now? Damnit, I wish I could pause it. I'm not really enjoying the current state of the game and would like to wait until open beta or closer to launch, but I'm going to have wasted 60 days of Elite time if I do that.

So, I've been away for a long time (around a year), decided to wait until the final wipe before jumping back in. Looking at the ship trees I was trying to decide on which manufacturer to go for first. But looking at the skill trees it looks like at tier V at least all the ship seem to have the same modules and similar stats, its just the layout of the modules in their trees that are different.

Is there something I'm missing, what is the key differences between the manufacturers aside from the ship skins and order in which you get the ships/modules?

I had the same question, I grabbed one of the founders packs when they game was first announced and have 4 hero ships but don't really see any point in using them. World of Warships had premium ships but they served a purpose as you could level up your ship officers in them and they earned bonus credits.

In dreadnought we don't have officers and they don't earn bonus credits, and given that you can't change their loadout they're basically worse than the regular ships in that respect.