lol funny haha you guys funny like herpes on your ex-girlfriends new boyfriend.

alot of players seem to think that if i am healing i should follow them around .... yeah no , every time i end up doing that i die lol, and get out of the corvette's a**holes, we all know there good , now stop using them .

p.s. GET ON YOUR MIC"S PEOPLE, communication is key in any game like this , idiot's.

Well, after more play and time spent with this "beta" i think you need to take this game back to the drawing board , all you are trying to do is find ways to rip people off with a half thought thru game , it could be a great game but you need to rethink it , like the size of the area you " fight in" , the way you " buy " ships ,the amount of "exp" you " earn" the inclusion of alien ships , and so on , i like the concept of the game it is a Tiny distraction atm but it could be more if you actually thought about the game more and your wallet's less.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-134138)

Welcome to a game in Beta. Also how can you spend $30 and not have a T4?

lol well thats a long story.

After playing this game for 2 weeks now , there are several issues but none more glaringly obvious as the money system which in my humble opinion is craptasticly awful and manipulative to the point of being down right sneaky in it's deceptive nature, before i knew what i had done , im 30 bucks in to this and still no where near getting a tear 4 or better ship , it's fun i do like the concept but that way of thinking , it makes me not want to play , not to mention the limited amount of game types as well as the music ,and the sound in general needs work, not to mention some of the game mechanic's are broken ( the distance a pod is launched is not what happens ). and others make this game eh in it's current form i do hope you make wise choices about this game in the future .

i found myself enjoying this even when i kept getting killed alot , it does have however a few issues , the text on the ships needs to be much bigger or an option to do so would be nice ,not really liking the money system you have ,the interface needs to be a bit better organized , and i am hoping you will be doing more and different types of play ,is there a story line ? if so how complex is it going to be , maybe speeder vessels or a way to boost them,(besides the dover i have seen no other ships with speed boosts).

maybe add power ups or allow destructible environments , pvp is good and all but it gets boring when you come across a coughplayer*cough with , shall we say not so good a mood and skills to make your time playing a bad one ( and there are way to many of those out there ) more co-op is the way to go.

other then that i love this game . good luck and ty for your time .