For £30 I could buy an entire game, and get many hours of enjoyment out of it.
Or I could go for a decently-priced night out with me mates.
Or I could take someone I care about for a lovely meal somewhere nice...

...Or I could buy a single hero ship + cosmetics.
To be honest, even the steam packs are too pricey for what they are (mostly you are paying for elite time, with some freebies thrown in) but I got them on the sale. The individual ships though? I don't want to sound like a greedy consumer, but FAR overpriced!!

Go for assists where safe to do so as well. This will boost your score. Also if there are objectives, focus on healing your allies who are on them. In conquest, heal people who are defending or attacking points. In onslaught, lend a hand with the command ship etc. Also if you buff people who go on to get lots of kills themselves, you get ribbons and big points! All of this will not only score you more, but make you a real asset to your team, although you sound like you are already one.
Finally, score is important for earning them big monies, but if you are winning, and it's because of your healing, then your team will know this. w/l ratio is the most important personal stat out of them all IMO.
Good luck to you!

I think this is the right thread to mention this. I don't want to make yet another thread complaining, but I can't help but notice something.

The old soundtrack was really good. The tracks were high-action, military-themed to just the right degree. There were enough of them that it didn't got old listening to them, especially when distracted by battle and all the great sounds that were present there. The ambience of the hangar was also good. It all created the right kind of atmosphere that fits this game perfectly.
Now all of this is apparently gone?
Replaced by a single, gloomy track that plays over and over in the hangar, and replaces (or so it seems, maybe I just can't hear it) the ambience of the hangar. The tracks that used to play when you selected your ship made me feel like it was all about to kick off, as it should do!
This new one just feels like a dynamic extention of the looped hangar track. I have nothing more to say of it really.
And finally the sounds. I must admit I DO like the new sounds of the Akula Vector dreadnoughts main cannons, but that is only when I am lucky enough to hear them.
The rest of them are too bassy, as others have suggested, and sound bugs are abundant. Bugs however will be fixed, but ditching a perfectly good soundtrack serves no purpose imo.

I don't want to keep complaining. I love this game functionally, and I really don't want it to die. I want it to have good steam reviews, because for gameplay reasons it deserves to have! But why are they doing these things? What is the motive behind it all?

New UI is a step backwards. I concur with the majority of captains in this thread.
I read about one of their missions being 'to have the player never more than 3 clicks from the action'. They already had this achieved in the last UI. Why set yourself redundant goals?
As others have said, this game is amazing, and it doesn't affect the actual gameplay at all, but it's still a downgrade and I am wondering why they would do this.
There's also the soundtrack being condensed to what seems like a single song, but that is another thread..