Thk, but you don't answer to the question.

My question was: what do I gain on my module when I set energy on weapon (either wheel or button).

Side question:

Now Module amper add +30% dmg on module dmg and heal if I set energy on weapon. (I read the description too smile )

But does that mean that we have a +30% dmg on module? Or we have +30% dmg on module, on top of a value that everyone got when we set energy on weapon? is it multiplicative or additive in the last case?

I was wondering the exact effect of energy wheel on module.

On weapon you basically amplify the RoF, maybe the dmg itself.

But on module i'm not quite sure. I bet that it amplify the dmg of the module, but on what value? xx% ? Or maybe no effect on module.

I'm wondering because i'm just curious of the interaction of wheel and Module Amplifier OB.

thanks for answer. smile

Edit my post to add some change:

  • Now tanking is really rewarding. usually 5k XP, 10-11k with a good healer.

-Some change in module:

  • add Get my good side as an option instead of Adrenaline shot

  • add Nuke Salvo as a possibility

  • made a note on shield blocking armorbooster pulse bug

  • add some option instead of Armorbooster pulse.

  • add some option instead of Vulture missile

  • Delete Heavy flack turret as the secondary weapon of choice. Add Heavy repeater guns instead.

What the original poster don't get is that not all ship are about there main gun. It should be, but in the case of the Jutland, it's not.

As advised, use repeater gun. I know it's 3,5km range, but it's your best bet. Before that I was having fun with Flak, but they nerfed it.

For all other thing look above, there are tons of advises. Your problem with Jut is that, you are too much used of other class or maybe the other dread that behave differently. Jut need a few specific OB to be really effective, and that is the real issue.

And yes, I could love a tiny bit of speed. Could help in some situation (Slow and Steady OB situation for example, that hurt really too much...)

-Bazza-#5140 posted (#post-131217)

They recently got rid of maintenance on PC. Once they fine tune the new system on PC I'm sure they will implement it on PS4.

If there is a god, may he hear you and send some good advise to dev ear. But I'm here since even before maintenance (called shipyard) and from what I see Dev turn greedy.(they took one month or 2 last time to tune Maintance, same problem of income Vs ship/module cost) I doubt that they make it one day.

But hey... You are free to stay as much as I stopped and wait to see if they have better ideas.

maximmm#5966 posted (#post-130088)

And yes, I now see people sometimes leaving game half way (or the most common thing is people leave when they see that MM is not even - so you end up with one team having 8 players and another team having only 6, because the other 2 left before the match even began). I think there should be a penalty for such departures. Yep, in form of maintenance, or perhaps a lengthy delay before they can play another game. But that sort of punishment system has to be done only after they are sure that people are no longer being kicked out from servers for no reasons - or people queue for a match and get kicked out before the match even begins.

I would agree to a punishment in every game for leavers. But before they come to that, they must ensure that there system is fair... Which is hardly the case atm.

They could/should have done that in the old system (the first one)

-Beta: you win you gain, you lose you gain less.

-Maintenance: you win you gain, you lose you lose a lot because of little gain AND the maintenance fee

-Battle bonus: you win or lose you gain are about your personal achievement but globally little compared to before AND your gain can be a loss if you take the battle system fee into count.

So atm, you have way more chance that your gain are a lose, even with the battle system turned on. And you want to punish player for not agreeing for such a thing (add the kicked out the gain for no reason or server trouble).

Not gonna happen...

On personnal not, more recent players, the one that came after shipyard have now the feelings of the players that were playing before shipyard. This getting better and better for our dear developers...

I can't seem to connect since 20-25min.

I don't see anything into server status, so is there's a maintenance ongoing or are the servers down?

It happened... Again...

It would be GREATLY appreciated if you were as reactive to correct those kind of bug, as you have showned to be when it's about bug that allow player to claim multiple rewards with career.

All thos month with bugs or glitch that are still in game like this one ( and that seems easy to correct since the very beginning of this game are still there.

But it take you less than a WEEK to correct something that made you basically losing money. So please, no more excuses, do the thing right instead of trying to implement new stuff that generate bugs over existing ones

Playing a full game with a friend and being kicked right at the end of it. No point of course, but maintenance wait for it...

The T3 afterburner of Machias (T3 Jupiter Arms Corvette) is not equipable on the Valcour (T4 Jupiter Arms Corvette)

-T3 Blink warp is in the equipable modules

-I bought T3 blink warp before buying the Valcour, while T3 afterburner was bought after.