W4R-DN, LYB-FooJub - first let's see what they have planned for healing. They either can screw it even more or actually create interesting gameplay.

Healing problem is just not fact, that countering healing is a bit harder than healing itself, problem also is, healing leads into very specif type of gameplay. You and some others allready mentioned very specific counters for healing - yet, you don't see how it is bad for the game - however, you are basically supporting, what was said above.

I for one would welcome, if my Tacts would be seen more than just simple healbots. Also, they can change healing in a way, they wont nerf it to the ground and yet still achieve goals they have set for themselves.

Let's wait and see..hopefully they learnt their lesson with Progression 2.0 fiasco, and this time they will listen to community.

People were saying since early days, healign, as it is designed right now, is making Dreadnought very uninteresting game in many cases and it is leading - and will lead into many issues.

Of course, there were some people, always saying "healing is fine, healing has counters" and some other "things", but finally devs realize, something has to be done. (so I guess we were right all along).

I just hope they understand healing issue is design problem, not number fiddling problem. Healing should not be removed from the game, not at all, but devs have to rethink, how Drednought is supposed to be played and design healing accordingly.

I have several T4 ships, yet I wont return until something will change with whole tier system bs. Many people already pointed out the obvious problem with this system, i will just add that tier system is hurting not just veteran bracket, legendary bracket also.

Wake up devs. This game was really great before whole progression fiasco.

obliviondoll#5677 posted (#post-123390)

Just a reminder that the devs are actually listening to us (6 months late) and scrapping maintenance.

Now all they need to do is realise we're right about the tier system as well, and maybe even turn that on its head like they're doing with maintenance. Then we can start getting back on track and I might look forward to reinstalling the game.

I am on the same boat. Changes to are good, however without changes to tiers, game will stay uninstalled. Hopefully, they are listening,

system is bonkers

Hell_rabbit#0438 posted (#post-122061)

If you see t2 in veteran matches this could be only one reason - personal choice of the player, not mine and not AI.

WTF are you talking about? So when I picked recruit fleet and was put into Veteran battle, it was my choice?

MCY Kedo#9579 posted (#post-122446)

it is open beta, beta phase is for testing stuff and smashing bugs. Game being in beta phase means it's unfinished... if there will or will not be a wipe has no connection to game stage - and as I wrote, game stage is still beta thus we all are beta testers. Have a link:

Like this means anything. Beta status in modern games is used as excuse for unfinished and broken games. Proper Open Beta just doesn't operate this way.

Just remove tiers altogether. 61 or how many ships they are spewing are now in the game is BS anyway. 15 ships..that's all what we have. And that's fine. Just balance game and progression around and DN will be awesome game.

For all who are saying they need to earn some money to support this game, short story. Me and 3 of my friends were playing DN and in pre 2.0 version, even used some money. 2.0 hit us and over time everyone just quit out of frustration. We play a lot of F2P games and buy stuff quite often there. For now, we won't send a cent to Yager. So what is the secret of earning money? Happy players.

Vindicator#5138 posted (#post-122420)

It is not big deal in the long run but then you got time for 2-3 games and half of them is kick to maintenance screen then yeah.

Aside your image is completely out of place, this is not beta anymore. No wipes, anyone can join, you can buy everything for a full price, basically it operates as typical F2P game. This is in fact, released game. And released game in state like DN is now is sadly laughable.

Or just remove tiers altogether, let ships have different variants (like MWO), remove one whole limiting factor in matchmaking and just match based on some sort of skill rating or ELO.

I feel that devs really trying to live their dream and think their ideas are good one, but at this point, tiers will be always limiting factor both in matchmaking and moment to moment gameplay