Returning player here. Game is not dead, had about a dozen matches yesterday night with <2 min waiting time.

I liked the beta system most, because it was transparent. What came after was super grindy and muddled. Pleased to see that it has improved a little bit, since. The grind is not so much any more. However, it still is not very transparent, you need multiple clicks to get an overview of what can be and what you want.

I also like that the level spread for any game difficulty has been minimized, you are now a max of one level apart. Seems fair enough.

The corvette-debate is as old as the game is, so I guess the gameplay is fine as is. Thanks to the slow moving nature, gameplay still is ruled by a proper tactical positioning and according foresight of each team member, and not by some single OP builds.

As a sidenote, I hope that this also goes Stadia, to increase player base. I don´t like having to buy two gaming PC riggs, just in order to be able to play this with some friends who are more casual players. IMO, this game should focus on its strength of easy to learn, but highly tactical approach. Thus, tiers need go back to a more simplified beta-level or at least a better overview for casual players who do NOT want to spend 30 minutes just trying to learn what is what.... (because that is the time I needed as a returning player just to be able to re-orient myself; now imagine a newb!)

I finally found the reason for this weird bug.

I have ALT GR as my "move downwards" button. Whenever that button is pressed and an explosion goes off in my vicinity, the mouse y axis inverts. As a workaraound, I don´t use ALT GR anymore.

Computer software sometimes act really really weird, right?

Can´t click on tutorial achievements, because the mouse pointer stops as premature if at the end of the screen.

My personal bug is back, where any bigger explosion causes an invert of the mouse-y axis. Might this have something to do with Alt Gr / Left Ctrl being pressed (because that is my custom "move downward" key)?

I don´t like the new Bix voice actor, the old one sounded much cooler.

New tech trees take some getting used to.

Why are some of the most often used menu buttons the smallest on the screen?

I still can´t assign AltGr, Shift or Ctrl to any action. Is there a way to do it via the input.ini file? How do I denominate said keys there?

I could not play the whole weekend. Matchmaking error, or no reaction at all when in the matchmaker menü. This is two weekend days of elite payed content gone to waste. If this server tinkering gonna go on, I strongly suggest another reset at least of your GP and elite status.

THANK YOU! This helped.

Done. Sent MSINFO and DXDIAG files as requested. Well keep here updated.

"I fixed it".... really, pal, that was very weak. -.-

BTW, thanks for the little icons which tell me which module is for which slot. I think this wasn´t there before, or I was blind.

Sorry to say, but with my T4-Corvette, I feel beeing very unfair each time I see and destroy a lower ranked ship. I cannot imagine what fun this should be. I have no real practice, and the lower tier player is frustrated. Those occasions where I play bad and the lower tier player actually wins do not make up for this basic injust setup.