Great work MasterFALE! I had started working on a similar table myself to see how maintenance can be influenced.

So in veteran, it turns out that at best by limiting yourself to one Tier IV (+1 or more Tier IIs), one could get 21% off whereas one Tier IV + 1 or more Tier IIIs gives a measly 10.5% discount.

If the discount percentages are tweaked a bit to actually give a more meaningful discount, then we'd get some noticeable control over the repair costs and I think the mechanic wouldn't feel as robbing. For example: one Tier IV has a base of 1550 credits right, then if each additional Tier III gives 5% and a Tier II gives 10%, by limiting one's options in a given game one would be getting 20% discount while still maintaining decent Tier III ship options, or a big 40% off for playing just one Tier IV and Tier IIs. A more noticeable control over the repair costs would diminish the negative aftertaste of being penalized to some extent while keeping the mechanic there to satisfy the publishers/devs.

An option to disable the hangar growling is very much needed.

I've been playing casually for about a month now (20-30 games away from the first Tier IV, also Oberon tree). If you get average scores every time, the maintenance fee IS somewhat tolerable (over the long run, no GP) but the way it's presented leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

In recruit I had a blast playing. Then you start in the veteran bracket where it's generally more difficult and sometimes it feels like getting "punished" for playing, especially in the beginning where you only have starter modules:

  • Lose to a premade -> get punished

  • Lose to a bad MM balance -> get punished

  • Dropped -> No reconnect so get punished

Snib, thank you very much!!!

After a couple of hours playing the rumbling noise in the hangar starts to get really irritating.


I only use Snib_NoAmbientHangarSounds_P.pak. It works after restart but after the first game, the hangar noise is back.

I've been playing the game for a few days now and despite its rough edges I'm enjoying it so far.


Is that true? About the kills-credit gain correlation? I haven't paid much attention to the exact amounts I was getting. What's the purpose of the scoring system then?