Ok, thanks for the new map. It looks awesome. The t1 dreadnought is a nice addition and the reason for adding it is a no brainer. Well done on those...

However, ya gotta do better than that. The other posts have done very well on laying out why. The bugs, balance issues, incomplete features, maintanance, etc. The way the patch was presented suggested much more than it actually was, but meh.

I have high hopes that a good many of the subjects covered in the recent community vote will be integrated. DN will be much more profitable if they do.

Please do listen to your players. A lot of good ideas abound and can assist you guys with making DN truly a great game

Yes the maintenance model does suck. You want everyone to know how good u are? Super...dont really care.

Quite a lot of us play with limited time in the pursuit of fun, not some super competitive drive. We have disposable funds too. If i can enjoy the gameplay sans punishment and feel good about getting somewhere, more funds go to this game. Otherwise, i have other things to play. Pretty simple

I put forward the idea to make all ships available in the practice mode a while back. No one commented at the time. Glad to see the idea resurface. Needs traction!

OP was about a valid specific issue, one i and a lot of others agree with.

If you want to make the game better, offer a useful point of view. Trolling is worthless text and doesn't help the player base/game in any way. in short, grow up

Awww, i was looking fwd to a monarch carrier lol! Hope strike craft get some love

Agreed, the tracking does get a little inefficient at times. Like to see this shored up a bit too

Appreciate the hard work, guys. DN is #1 on my gamedar

servers been very unstable. We were prob in and out about 8 times. Last match the crash actually saved us a loss lol. Btw the spambot is back in action looks like.

Support for the OP. Many times, when I get shoved into a vet match, i get focused and destroyed many times. Soft T2 kill, easy prey and all that. I understand why it happens. The idea is to win of course.

It's debateable what my best course of action should be. Quit out? I hate being that guy and I can't bring myself to do it.

Usually, I just hover behind cover, try to assist where i safely can, and try very hard not to get smoked lol. Don't hate, big guys! I did my best lol.

Niryco's idea would allow me to contribute more aggressively. Even if my contribution wasn't as effective as the rest of my higher tiered team, at least that target on my back wouldn't be as punishing to them.

Training missions are great to get a feel for a ship. There are those times when u just dont vibe with your new purchase and feel your hard earned creds were wasted.

Since training matches don't count for anything else and don't pay out, i would like to float the idea of making all ships available for training in their fleet tier difficulty.

This would solidify your strategic path to the ships u truly dig and avoid the buyer's remorse effect.