hero ships actually have the wrong information on them they don't have tier VIII weaponry etc as that tier doesn't atualy exist, who knows why they put the info in like that, but the reality is if its a tier 4 hero ship the weaponry is no more than tier 4 if it's a tier 2 hero ship it has tier 2 weaponry etc , also hero ships aren't all they are cracked up to be due to lack of customization they tend to be alot weaker than a standard ship, they give you a credit and exp bonus, however if you fully research tech on a normal ship it will become elite and give you the same bonus, bit pointless really at this stage, the bonus is barely noticeable, if you are tier 2 i recommend staying in recruit mode, wait until you get a few tier 3's before taking on vet, in saying that its not impossible to win with tier 2 in vet, just alot harder,if you insist on vet in tier 2 your best chance is to use a tactical cruiser and take cover near your team mates, use them as shields but beware of warping ships, corvettes and nukes, higher tier ships will always view you as free kills i'm afraid, this isn't going to change until we get more population into the game to balance the game out, but please try to persevere the game improves vastly at tier 3 and even more so at tier 4, makes the grind worthwhile.

Just found that the sound bug still exists in onslought mode

i found the game usualy crashes while in squad, also if you meet your contract objective in a game and get the end game crash, you lose the contract and don't get the reward

honestly atm its a lose lose situation, before we could atleast get games with tier 2 players but that was very unfair to new players and honestly a deterent made alot of ppl quit before getting into the more involved tier 3's where it gets more fun, and now thats been fixed its very rare to get a legendary game if ever, seems not even the bots were able to help in that regard, and yes the bots are annoying sadly, they really are there just to be farmed they cost you many a game.

game still gives blue screen occasionaly at the end of rounds(CE-34878-0) had my last one on veteren can't remember the map name but it was the desert one on team deathmatch, in my jutland, game is more stable after last patch though but still getting it every 3 rounds or so, ships skins don't appear until respawning after a death, can't view the list of skins/paint jobs emblems etc properly, it won't let you scroll all the way through them, bring back the flame skin that was awesome, wanted to buy that one><, mm is very slow recently, bots are still a bit useless, onslought doesn't always let you buy upgrades, sometimes it skips over it after 3 seconds or so, junkyard prince skin needs to be enabled on the corresponding arty,
also the mic is active when you 1st start up dreadnought, even though in options its turned off.

there are no clans on dreadnought...

game still crashes after a match finishes, the ai/bots are terribly inbalanced, put bluntly they are useless and a waste of player space, cost me many a win since they tend to spawn as tier 2's in a tier 4 game, or they simply wander off aimlessly to get picked off all the time and get farmed. Also for some reason the skins on some ships don't show up until you die, the dead man's hand decal doesn't show up on any ship except the voronezh line, hanger lags severely or hangs.

Come off it guys, this is the full release? do you even test these things before you release it? the game is worse than before with all the crashes and freezes, its unplayable now, for a full release this is a joke! i'm quitting until you guys fix it i'm sorry but the game is far to broken now to be playable, you got the big wait time for a game, than when you finaly get a game, your either stuck on an infinite loading screen, or you get into the game, the game crashes, then you restart the game go to load back into the match you started, get stuck on another infinite load screen, force close the game, try again, then finaly get back into the match at the end of the match when your teams already lost.
Absolutely terrible what was the point of closed beta and open beta if your still introducing such catastrophic bugs in the full release? to top it off my elite status has just gone to waste completely, waste of money.
Hopefully you still have some sort of community left on ps4 after its fixed.

Thx Miguell and team, i certainly hope you can sort something out soon, 11am here i've been waiting 20 minutes so far

still nothing, got work in 2 hours smile

this would be good given the ps4 version is struggling atm