Just a concern of mine, as the population for the game appears to be dropping at an alarming rate, are you guys planning to do anything or are you just going to let the ps4 version die out? atm we have about 64 active players, the fact that i can count them gives a fair idea how bad the situation is, on any given day the majority of the time you are playing the same 4-5 ppl all the time , as such more ppl are quitting, to make matters worse once eu goes to sleep, the game goes silent since in the Oceana region this game is basically unknown, as far as i know i'm the only australian on ps4 that still plays and i'm not aware of any asian players.

So is there a plan to merge servers with the american one? is there going to be some sort of advertising campaign to get the oceana region more involved to amp up the population? if not i'm going to have to consider quitting myself as i'm a bit over the half an hour to an hour wait for 1 game, i work, and have a son to look after, i simply don't have the time for those kind of waits and i imagine alot of other players in similar situations will agree with me.

The game is great guys, aside from the bugs that still exist since closed beta, its been alot of fun, and you can see greater potential than world of tanks due to the scifi factor, so its sad to see it just die like this, ps4 version really needs some more love asap.

just like to throw in that the junkyard prince doesn't unlock appearance customization for the other arty line it represents, great if that could be fixed.

Also the sound issue still exists , not as bad as before but usually after an hour or so of gaming, the sound starts to stutter and slow down, i found it seems to be tied in with the energy wheel, especially when you set energy to weapons, that seems to set it off.

we need another line of ships , particularly something that can counter corvettes from tier 1 up, as a lot of players seem to quit after getting farmed by corvettes in tier 1 to tier 3 battles since there is nothing before tier 3 that is particularly good at taking on corvettes, so an anti corvette tier 1 tier 2 ship option might be a good idea

Also the ship modules especially tier 1 to tier 3 really need to be fixed, at the moment all the modules are identical on all the ship lines, this needs to change to give the ships more identity and reason to use them.

Hero ships need to give an increased credit and exp bonus, more than just the elite bonus, so that there is a reason to use them, atm they just waste away in everyone's hanger, at least change it so they are a viable credit grind option

ship weaknesses , said this one before but to make the game more interesting ships should be given weaknesses, so on some areas the armor is weaker so you take more damage if hit there, and in other areas the armor is stronger so you take less damage there, eg: the front of an arty could have strong armor, but weak at the rear.

more reason to maneuver and flank enemy's that way.

Honestly i think the missiles and torpedoes need better descriptions to, eg: activation times, minimum range, missiles torp nature , eg: i don't know if any one notices but jackal torpedoes require far more room in order to succesfully launch them, when you launch them they shoot out a fair distance before actually activating, the other one would be homing capabilities , i know some one said torpedoes have no homing capabilities but they all do to some extent if they are within a certain distance of the target.

As for slugs i havnt used them that much, but they should have been more reliable due to the number required to hit to get max damage as its only 2 torpedoes that need to connect, i think its the speed mostly that lets it down, that or a larger detection radius for when the guidance kicks in.

i like the touch pad idea personally its convenient , unfortunately its very twitchy atm ,end up amping the wrong thing half the time until you get the correct one

i actually really like the palos, allot of people make the mistake of using it like a healer, even though it doesn't really have any heals, basically it is what it is a support ship with no heal beams, your jobs pretty much to escort your allies, eg : dreads healing tacs, keep corvettes off them and hit what your allies are hitting, the biggest trick with this ship though is to amp weapons and use amplify beam at the same time, for a massive temporary damage increase to take down ships around the half health mark quickly, if the enemies close by and distracted enough don't hesitate to dash in and let a blast pulse loose to finish the job, the idea is to just stay away from situations that will get you focused fired on and you definitely don't want to be caught on your own, the palos is pretty squishy you won't last long, palos is also pretty good for ducking in and out of cover to drain some health off the enemy when they aren't paying attention., being a bit sneaky pays off on this ship to.

true, pretty bummed was hyped to have a game see if all the bugs are fixed or not, dont have much time on my hands between my son and work.

intestesting, because i did the same thing this morning i updated and got in but cant get back in now, maybe its a glitch from patching to early?

me and some others have been waiting over an hour to get in, but keep recieving this message, there are people currently streaming so the game is clearly up, never had this problem in closed beta until now, i also submitted a ticket in support but i'm yet to hear anything, are the servers full or is this some kind of glitch?

i get this allot, i actually get a lot of games where i'm firing shots that should be landing but they never hit, vettes are a big pain in the rear end when it happens, i think its allot to do with how far you are from the server i'm in Australia so i'm probably the other side of the world so no surprise really, does suck though, hard to get better when your not even sure your shots are shooting when they should be.

Although i'll be happy if the player base increases i think this is a really really bad move, there are still way to many bugs that should be fixed and to much missing content, players are going to join and leave just as quickly if those aren't fixed 1st, as i know from other games the concept that the game is still in beta doesn't reach alot of ppl sadly, far better if we get a patch to fix everything 1st than trial it awhile longer before open beta, this move could potentially kill the game for good.