i think it has alot to do with the corvette type to, i've found some are actualy better at defending and escorting rather than attacking due to a lack of flight speed, only the faster corvettes should be attacking. I dont think its right to complain about a ships ability to defend itself though the module is clearly there as a corvette counter measure, all its doing is it's job, its that simple, kudos to the people clever enough to use them in an effective way ,it's not like they can't be dodged, there are some insanely good corvette players out there, that are irritating as mosquitos to play against, but once again they are just doing their job and doing it well, its all a learning experience.

honestly using the outis as an example, its incredibly slow once you have worked out the position of its cloaking killing it is incredibly easy, horrible corvette in an experienced game, if the others are faster though i can understand it being hard at times , but like the others said there are certain ship types that are particularly good at taking out corvettes. i've found the gravis is pretty good in that regard due to the fast fire rate.

I play on the ps4, at the moment losing the sound during a battle kinda sucks, but also the random crashes half way through a battle or towards the end(even at the end just when the battle finishes. I've also had a strange one where the sky whent black, then finally you have the bug that resets your ships appearance back to default everytime you start a battle.