That number is all gained XP. Ship used plus fleet. You got 5607+(4x370)= 7107.

Edit: Nevermin... i think i see what you mean.

Hey, melde dich bei nuclearinferno, kartoon oder ky4. Alle organisieren JEDEN Abend Legendäre Matches. Zwischen 19:00 und 24:00 Uhr kannst du auch einfach queuen.

Kurt_Hustle#0982 posted (#post-208203) said:

Since by default everyone is searching via "any" gamemode, you should try it that way. Sadly PS4 population is separated in regions (NA, EU etc), so maybe there were just not enough players online when you tried to get a match. Ive heard devs want to change that, not sure wether this is just a rumor or not.

Sadly we don't have an any-queue on PS4. TDM is the most played gamemode (at least in EU).

hotrods_n_harleys#3566 posted (#post-207690) said:

Darren.     I have. 7.   T5 ships. And. Number8 almost done.     So that equals     just over one t5 per month   and Idon't. Want. My time to be wasted for nothing.while everyone.elose gets an easy pass.     Again 490 hours deep

Ok... the forum is mess. But could you just put a little effort into your post?


Lincrono#9039 posted (#post-206811) said:

W4R-DN#4622 posted (#post-206629) said:

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-206550) said:

You keep the unlock, but the credit cost will go up.

Why? right now you get out of a vet battle with BB about twice as much XP as you get credits

Same goes for the module cost XP 2:1 credits

Seems fine to me

It goes up because the update ALSO increased the cost of everything. By a significant margin. They did not simply redistribute the cost of the ship unlock to all the modules. they increased the total cost at T IV by almost double, and the T V unlock by nearly 3x. they somewhat reduced the cost at TI, TII, and TIII but the total reduction is equal to the cost of a handful of the T IV or T V modules. In addition, for ships that you already unlocked and purchased the cost of ship modules for the previous ship has been increased, so even though you have 'paid' by unlocking the next ship, you have to pay again (cost redistribution + cost increase) when you buy the modules that you have not yet purchased. Similarly if you have unlocked everything except the next ship prepare to have to unlock EVEN MORE because the new 'unlock a certain number of modules' requires you to unlock and then buy a significant number of the modules in a tree . . . . which now all cost much more.

LT;DR We reduced the pain to get to T IV a little in exchange for a lot more pain at T IV and T V . . . which you still can't get a game in.

Sorry mate, I´m actually on PS4 so I need to rely on your data to get it correct... According to this link minimum cost to advance is less then pre 1.10... not by a big margin but reduced non the less (as was promised). T5 gets the short end of the stick because the Modules just get more expensive without the compensation of not having to buy a new shipclass.

So where does your conclusion come from?

Somehow a capital spaceship captain by the name ~ShogunSmurf~ breaks my immersion... but that's just me.

Decals and paintjob can be apllied more widely. All of my shipy carry the Kali decal.

NightShade#3126 posted (#post-205639) said:

Enterprise_NC1701#2026 posted (#post-205638) said:

Just wait till you reach t4. All I say is: "Happy crappy grind"

i already have a number of t4 ships such as the vindicta and jutland. the grind doesnt bother me so long as the gameplay is fun.... which it is

Word, fam!

Welcome! Are you US or Europe?