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I was wondering if the players will be able to get different "hulls" in each class, and if more class are planned.

For exemple, you have the scout (or Corvette) class, and you'll be able to choose beetwen one ship with more armor at the cost of less speed or vice versa.

Or if we can push customization even further, choose the hull appearance, and then modify the stats indepedently (with parts or something similar, but which aren't visible in game).

Aside from the customization, I would like to see more class in game, to give more tactical oppotunities.

One class I was thinking of is "The Carrier" :

This ship as somewhat average stats, and have little direct combat capability. It mainly relies on it's ability to deploy different devices, drones or little spaceships to help on the field. Like turrets and mines.

Post your suggestions and your ship class ideas if you have some too !

Same idea here .

Ops sorry, missed on that one, thanks.

I would like to know if you guys are thinking about a campaign . Dont need to be anything especial but at least a little bit of lore. Looks like the game realy deserves it.

Ok so the game have already : one heavy ship, one fast and light ship, one support ship , one heavy damage dealer ship , and one all the things ship( The destroyer). My idea is a ship that should have small damage rate , low life and a normal speed , but should be able to deploy auto machines. A ship that could place turrets , mines , and as the main skill drop auto fighters , a lot of then . That would give an extreme badass feel to the battles and would give a more defensive kind of play to ships like the corvette . Imagine one corvette defending one heavy ship against lets say 30 small fighters. It would be awesome. That would turn things like the flak cannons a lot useful and would give a nice way to get the attention of the enemies , openning a window for awesome strategies .I know you guys should not be thinking about others ships right now but at least should be something to think about. Thanks for the atention.

Guys I am just here to thank to the team and to everyone working on this F##king AMAZING game. I have been waiting for a game like this ever since star wars , and finaly , it is true. I hope the best luck to all the devs and to all of you and say that I am already waiting for the beta. Just for you guys to see the importance of this game , I am from Brazil and me and all my friends are crazy for the game. Show to the team and again , Thank you. :)