As of tonight I will no longer be playing this game due to maintenance costs and matching Recruit fleets into Vet games.

I Have nothing left to level up on Tier 2 so no real point to play Recruit matches unless I desperately need cash. I need experience on Tier 3 to get to Tier 4 however with the cost of maintenance outweighing the income you make in Veteran fleets and no way to exchange ship XP to Free XP as I have no GP and do not intend on buying any I will be stepping away from this game until it is fixed.

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I do not think they will answer these kind of question here my friend, however if you have a packet loss check from your end , you shouldn't have any packet loss pinging to any server unless it has something to do with your firewall/isp blocking some ports, try to open ports for this game ?

Customer support might answer your question by the way.

Thanks for taking an interest.

I am from the UK so the servers that are giving the latency issue I am seeing here are in the US of A they will not be within my ISP's domain.

Opening ports will not help with latency issues within the Routing of a WAN. Opening Ports only means that the firewall on my rooter directs traffic to my PC supposedly faster within my home network. I have no other equipment using the Internet at the same time so this is not an issue with my connection.

I submitted a ticket with a link to this forum post.

Sorry mate i tried my best, yeah with a ticket you will get a pro who can help you out or if there is anything to be done ! hope they sort it out for ya.

Boy am I glad you quoted my thread. smile

My account got banned and all my posts got removed.

FYI this thread was started due to all the disconnections from the servers I have been suffering and wanted to get an IP to test the connection to.

This thread was started by me regarding the amount of threads in the Server Status section of the forums.

I often get disconnected from game and it tells me the servers are not online I go to this section of the forums and can not see any relevance too anything in there as it is full of old threads that are of no use now.

I asked if this section of the forums could be tidied up a bit, then my account on the forums got banned and all my posts got deleted.

I have no T4 ships as yet but I can unlock them I do not need to pay to do this or am I missing something?

I have also not seen a T5 ship yet while playing Vet games.

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I mean... Ellie is kind of dangerous yeah, but you would become dangerous too if you were a 14 year old girl who had to survive in a post apocalyptic world where fungus monsters are trying to eat you.

LOL My Mechanical Keyboard is in desperate need of being cleaned and the spell checker gets a unchecked click every now and then. I of course meant Elite Dangerous smile

You could try using a Game pad, if your hands can manage it, you might find it more comfortable than using the WSAD keys. I wouldn't worry about age being an issue.

Just on the front of paying into this game, while the Dev's will appreciate it I honestly regret putting money into this game at this stage due to all the issues there are still to be worked out at this point in development. The dev's really really need to sort out matchmaking, credit rewards for Vet and above and a lot of other niggling issues including server stability before I will spend any more money on this game.

I have all Tier 3 ships and refuse to play Vet until the cash situation is fixed and any Vet games I get dragged into I just leave and look for a different game.

Note: If it is space related games you are interested in try Ellie Dangerous.

How about the the Hanger causing my graphics card to overheat more than playing the game? Or the broken Matchmaking? or the Flagship issue? Or the glitch that allows you to re-spawn in your ship instead of a fighter on Team Elimination? should I go on?

The servers are hopeless.

EU servers are in the US along with all the other servers in Seattle and they go up and down more times than a lady of ill repute.

This game is trying to get to Open Beta but there is more and more wrong with it every day that I see.

I would say it is no where near ready to be Open Beta.

Please can someone remove all the old Posts from the Server Status forum section and archive them.

If the servers are down can you post it in here please.

I keep getting disconnected and always go in here only to find old outdated posts please fix this section of the forums.

Absolutely sick of this I can play quite a few games but will always get disconnected from the server at some point maybe get 1hr to 1hr 30 mins of play before getting disconnected and always in a game I am winning. This game sucks