This is a system used by Epic and the Ureal Engine the game is built in. This is to help Epic diagnose errors without a crashlog

You can disable the event viewer process by running a command window as administrator and typing

sc config eventlog start= disabled

To restart type

sc config eventlog start= auto

If you do not run as administrator the following error is shown

c:>sc config eventlog start= disabled

[SC] OpenService FAILED 5:

Access is denied.

Please not that having the event viewer running does not reduce performance by any way and is primarily a troubleshooting tool.

I've been thinking on this topic a lot and how Dreadnought actually could benefit from some type of loot system. More so with some of the changes coming with the announcement of 2.0, namely how ships will be put into tiers.

As I've played, the game seems lackluster for me. As a lot of people who know me, know that with games, I'm a loot-crave. I LOVE me some loot. It's one of the main reasons why I love loot based games whether they be MOBA such as Diablo or FPS such as Borderlands. I shall not mention the disappointment that was Destiny. They tried & failed but, what was there, was the sense of progression, achievement and the mini adrenaline rush from getting that ultra rare item.

I would love to see Dreadnought head down this route as this exists in many free to play games and is suitable for monetization. No need for the controversial repair costs or GP only items.

What I would like to see is where all modules and items in the game become linked to a players rank. Have it where new modules are unlocked via Lootcrates at the end of matches. The winning team could each get 3 boxes where the losing side only receive 1.

The item types themselves would be chosen randomly from a pool of weapons. Items such as a missile based weapon, but the cool-down, range or damage output would be different. A' la, Borderlands kind of system. Each lootcrate would also vary in rarity. The rarer an item, the higher the overall stats.

Ship weapons could also be included. Main guns could finally be varied. Have it where a beam weapon for Aions are varied. They could be better at healing, or better at attacking. Beams could be varied in colour.

There are not alot of main weapons in this game which I do find a disappointment. Why does my Dreadnought shoot shells when I want to put a beam on it. Variety is the spice of life after all.

Coatings would be one of the rarer items in the game which offer different shaders for ships. You could also separate engine glows and use them as a separate item altogether. Another good thing is to have items linked to a manufacture, for instance, Jupiter Arms weapons reload just that little bit quicker or faction based weapon does a little more damage but is slower to reload than a similar one from another.

I know many will cry out saying, "but that will alienate new players". For this to work the MM system will have to match those of very similar levels. This will work once the player base increases, and a lootbased system has been proven on many occasions, when done correctly, works. Such as Fallout Shelter. This is monetization done correctly in my eyes. You can get everything in the game without making a single purchase if that's how you want to play. Players feel that joy from getting cool stuff and the games developers get an income from crate purchases. It's popular because it's fair, otherwise no one would do it or buy.

The Developers do need to make money on this, they do have bills to pay etc, and there is no way to do this without some sort of benefit for the player to make a purchase. A fact of the free to play model is yes, that people who pay will get some kind of advantage. it's inevitable or people won't buy. But in a random loot system that has everyone involved, paired with good MM, games are fair and enjoyable.

Nothing should be locked behind a paywall. It's not fair on players. Atleast with a lootsystem everything is obtainable if you have the patience & luck. So if you do feel that your ship just isnt cutting it, you can always put down a few dollars and see what goodies you get delivered to your hanger.

There's an argument that only vanity items should be monetized, but if that where so they would have to bring out extra decals, coatings etc every week just to be have a glimpse of a chance to break even.

Hero ships do seem like a good idea for those just starting, myself having purchasing them. But now I just don't see a need to use them. At the moment, the game offers me no reason at all to invest money in it. With a lootsystem where things are at my own level, it gives me a reason to keep playing "just one more", to see if I get that super cool item that I can show off and help win a few matches. What it boils down to in essence, is to replace the current currency model, and move onto lootcrates.

With this system, the ship possiblities and loadouts become nearly endless. Which is quite an exciting prospect for me. I dont want a similar setup as a fairly new player. I've paid my time and did the grind. Now give me something to show this effort. Give me my lootz!!

Well, that's my two cents on the subject, feel free to join in and post your own comments and suggestions. How would you feel about a loot type system being implemented? Do you feel that this would give you a reason to invest in the game? If not, what would you include to keep you playing?

Know that this is just my own personal opinion and what I enjoy most of from my games. What is it that keeps you going back to a game? What do you think Dreadnought could include that would keep you coming back for more?

Thanks for reading this and I look forward to seeing what people think and some alternative suggestions. Have fun and see you on the battlefield.

Sorry to hear you're having issues. Here's the link for support

Enterprise_NC1701#2026 posted (#post-42514)

Cybergal,have you stolen my idea? I have a post about titan ships too and it definitely came before your post.But of course the mechanics and all are your ideas,I am just talking about a new titan called ship class

Great minds think alike. I haven't actually seen your post, sorry.

But a Titan class would be a good addition. Just not sure now how it would work.

Just had a very strange idea for a ship design. This ship would become the Momma of all ships. A titan class vessel. This thing is EPIC in size. Moves like a brick. The ship would be coated in a crystalline substance that would give it a very large hull strength.

There would be no turrents on it at all. Not a single laser/missle, nothing. Instead, this beast would absorb any energy type thrown at it. Beams, Nukes (radiation based weapon) Purge beams/Blasts, and this would all be added to a pool. This energy amount gets added to a pool. Once a limit has been reached the ship can then release it all back in one HUGE blast.

The main weapon will be classified as a module and will not have a cooldown on it. Instead the cooldown is however long it takes to hit the minimum energy limit. The energy banks for this ship do not naturally recharge. So if you do shoot the main weapon then no energy left for shields, engines etc. Another module would be an Energy Leech. Where it sucks ALL energy from surrounding ships, whether friend or foe. Healer can't heal this ship as it absorbs beams and automaticaly adds it to energy pool. Allies can feed the ship by shooting it with beams, nukes.

The way to take it down is by blasting it with good ol' ballistics. LMGs, Missles. Corvettes can do run & gun tactics and try auto cannons on it and pray it hasnt built up the main weapon, slowly chipping away at the hull coating meaning it becomes less effective at storing energy and takes a little longer to charge.

The main weapon will have a minimum needed to blast but it can only deal the same amount of damage as energy stored. So if the minimum is 50% it can use blast and take out most medium to small vessels or take the hits until it reaches 100% for maximum damage that can pretty much clear a large area. so The blast goes from a weaker, close range weapon. To a larger blast radius with higher damage output. I think this would be quite good actually.

What do you all think?

ooo.. me likey, me likey.. GIVE GIVE

I also play with a Xbox 360 controller. I've yet to have issues with it. The controls are not remap-able yet but perhaps in time.

On a computer that’s running Windows 8 or later, you can use Devices and Printers to manage the controller. Here's how:

  • On the Start screen, click Control Panel.

  • Click View Devices and Printers.

  • Verify that the controller appears under Devices, and then right-click the controller, and click Game controller settings.

  • Check the Status of the controller, and then click Properties.

  • On the Settings tab, click Calibrate.

  • Note You’ll be prompted to use the directional pad (also referred to as the D-pad), but use the left stick instead. If you use the directional pad, the left stick configuration may be incorrect.

  • To use the Device Calibration Wizard to configure the axes of your game controller, click Next.

  • Leave the left stick centered. Press any button on the controller.

  • Move the left stick to all the corners, and then press any button on the controller.

  • Leave the left stick centered. Press any button on the controller.

  • Move the Z axis (use the left and right triggers) all the way up and down, and then press any button on the controller.

  • Move the X rotation (move the right stick) left and right, and then press any button on the controller.

  • Move the Y rotation (move the right stick) all the way up and down, and then press any button on the controller.

  • To save your configuration, click Finish.

  • On the Test tab, test the operation of the controller.

If you're satisfied with the new settings, click OK two times. If you're not satisfied, click Settings, and then click Reset to default. When you click Reset to default, the device controls are reset to the original default settings.

After this the controller should automatically be picked up by the game.

Dreadnought is a 5 vs 5 battle arena style game, but with spaceships. Each team's main goal is to defeat the opposition using various means. Mostly by melting the faces off any enemies you come across using a vast array of guns and even BIGGER guns. Throw in some missiles and abilities and you are given some great tools for mayhem.

The game is very “pick up & play”. When you 1st start you are introduced the great Captain Bix, who talks you through how to make your metal mass of death move through the air. From there you then learn how to get on with the face melting. The tutorial is fairly straightforward giving a basic knowledge of movement and how to tell your teammates that you spotted some sneak trying to flank you so he can try to poke you with his very hot stick. The game does come with controller support but with this being a new feature it's not fully explained on what button does what, so you may find that you turn on the windscreen wipers when you ment to launch Armageddon onto some unfortunate sap that just happened to warp into your cross hair. They are easy picked up by time you've played a few matches but you do find yourself swapping from keyboard to joypad to make choice in menus.

The gameplay will seem somewhat familiar to those that have played World of Tanks and other Space Battle Arena games. The unique thing about Dreadnought is that most of the ships are equally good or equally sucky, depending on your view of things so most players are evenly matched, most of the time. The game supports many different play-styles as you can play a vital healer that reapplies the paintwork and bashes out the dents, the tactical long range sniper that finishes off targets that try to sneak up on your team, or the Aggressive Dreadnought Captain that screams into battle, all guns blazing screaming, “Auxiliary power to the weapons... I'mma FIRIN' MAH LAAAAAAZZZZZAAAAAHHHHHHHSS”!! No matter which way you play the game, you feel that you can make a considerable contribution to your team and win the battle depending on how nice the Matchmaking Gods are on you. One thing that stood out for me as a player is not needing to be on the offence all the time. I enjoy playing the support role, keeping my team in good health and throwing out the odd buff when needed, and this game offers that.

Match wait times vary depending on the time of day that you play. This is mainly down to the fact that the game is in close beta and the player base is somewhat limited. There are always a few people in the game's official Discord channel that makes teaming up with people a lot easier than in some games. It's also a great place to pick up some pointers and tips. Most times you do get to have a good game and players tend to be quite friendly.

Graphics-wise the game is GORGEOUS!! Rarely will you see a game with this much attention to how your big boxes of radioactive death look. The textures used in game are of high quality with little to no pixelating when up the fights get up close and personal. So much so that you could stick your hand out your ship and wipe a booger on your opponents hull. The particle effects are top notch and give you a great impression that your blue beam of glowing goodness will make sure your enemy will not be making babies any time soon. The maps have been given as much love and attention as the ships. Each map feels unique and offer different strategies to how the battle will play out. From the sniper's dream of the long range offerings of Rings of Saturn to the “White of their Eyes” closeness of the Kappa Base. There are also night variations of certain maps to mix things up a bit. The only issue with the game maps are the lack of number. This will be improved in the future and I look forward to seeing how each one holds it's own.

The soundtrack for the game is quite impressive considering how early the game still is in development. There are a few sections in the game where there is no soundtrack, it's because of the small amount of times it happens that makes it noticeable. All in game sounds are well produced, from the menu music to the big booms of the Dread's cannons. The sounds are sure to impress.

As stated before the game is very easy to pick up and play and is well suited for a casual gamer, but don't let that fool you into thinking this game is going to just let you grab your biggest boomstick and wave you farewell as you head out to cause genocide, No, there is much here for the more serious gamer. There is plenty of unlocks to be had as you progress through the ranks of Sanitation Officer to Warmongering God. As you play you gain reputation during matches. This is then tallied up then used to progress your player. Unlocking lots of fabulous goodies from bigger pew pews to even more massive metal boxes of death. You even have officer briefings to unlock, no I'm not talking about people running around in just their tighty whiteys. I'm talking about extra abilities that give you buffs to your weapons, engines or even allow you to avoid damage. All equipment & ships have their own individual stats and you can mix and match to find something to suit your play-style. Some do seem unbalanced such as corvettes that shrug off your de-buffs with a flick of “power to the shields Capt'”. Hopefully this will be fixed by time the new progression 2.0 gets released.

There is little at the moment with regards to a backstory and information concerning the universe, but seeing as the game is still in it's infancy it can be forgiven and I'm sure that the lore will be fleshed out in future releases.

The main case for concern for myself was that during progression, I seemed to hit a wall. I was not winning as many matches as I had been previously but thinking this was mainly down to a new influx of new players that were still finding their way around and had still got that “OMG I'm in a spaceship and I wanna blow something up” mentality. Luckily after I gave the game a break for a few days things seem to have calmed down and I'm back to levelling up at a healthy pace and enjoying myself again. The matchmaking system as it stands still leaves something to be desired and you can find yourself waiting a while between matches and up against some much better equipped and more organised players. Again this is mainly down to the limited player base and the system trying it's best to do with what it has. Once the game hits full public release this issue should disappear rather quickly. Some new players will find that they get “seal clubbed” due to this, which may put them off the game but I encourage them to continue and hang in there. You WILL get a great match.... eventually.

Overall I rather enjoy the game and shall hopefully be playing long into the future. I am looking forward to see where this game heads and how it develops. I would recommend giving this game a try as I have had a lot of fun, and the gaming community here is one of the closest I have ever had the privilege of being part of. There is always help at hand, whether it be in the forums or on the games official Discord. Where you even et a chance to chat with the devs themselves. I recommend the discord channel as it's a great place to meet other players, many can team up for a bout of killy killy, melty melty. There are voice channels setup so teams can have a good chin-wag while you BBQ the newest member of the opposing team. So far I have high opinions of this game, yes it has it's faults and bugs, but it is still in beta which does allow for a little leeway. I just hope that the upcoming Monolith that is Progression 2.0 builds on the parts of the game that it gets right and fixes the things that fall short.

To this end I find Dreadnought to be a very enjoyable game and highly recommend it to other players. Whether you are new to this style of game or a seasoned professional gamer, there is definitely something here for you to enjoy.

Hope to see you all in battle fellow Captains.

Xx Cybes

Ksionc#1375 posted (#post-41718)

Are you serious ?

got GTX660M 4GB ram, I5 3rd gen, the game req is a joke

Snib#1627 posted (#post-41145)

Nickanator4#1694 posted (#post-41142)

AlexRou#6994 posted (#post-26547)

those of you that get nothing after clicking the play button, if you are on a 32 bit windows you cannot play unless you reinstall windows with a 64 bit disk

I'm getting the same problem, however I am running a 64-Bit system.

You do not meet the minimum system requirements:

The game runs on the Unreal Engine 4 which needs a quad core processor to play.

I7 9xx & 8xx are quad cores with hyper threading (with turbo)

I5 7xx are quad cores without hyper threading (with turbo)

The following Intel CPUs will have issues running the game's engine.

I5 6xx are dual core with hyper threading (with Turbo)

I3 5xx are dual cores with hyper threading (without Turbo)

For graphics you will need a DX11 compatible card.

Minimum NVidia GeForce GT 430 or Radeon HD 5450

You need to have a 64bit Windows Installation to run the 64bit binary. (32bit would limit RAM usage and game would run like a potato, even though 4 gig is minimum needed which is max for 32bit)

Also make sure that you installed the UE4 prerequisites. if not you can find the installer in the games directory

(Installation Directory)\Grey Box\Dreadnought\UE4PrereqSetup.msi

If you meet these requirements please submit a support ticket with your dxdiag textfile and support will offer any advice they can.

Hope this is of better help.

Seeing the engine has built in support for Oculus Rift, will this become a feature in a further update? All I can tell at the moment is it needs some fixed camera positions. The hanger is able to be rendered in Virtual Reality, so perhaps in the future a 1st person cockpit view could be added with external camera switching.