This is weak.
It is laughable.
I wish I was wrong.

What is your source? Where do you get your information from? I will not sit and wait for some hypothetical surprise just because some internet person told me to be positive. These are times for hard facts and rough truths. This game, there is no saving it. It was fun, and had promise, but, there just wasn't enough mainstream appealto be profitable. These things happen.

There will be other games of this genre to come out down the line, I am sure. Perhaps, even ones superior to Dreadnought. I say they should come out and announce the end so this game can get the respectful death it deserves, as opposed to letting it slowly suffocate and whither.

Game companies are helmed by cowards who will stay silent in the hopes of getting more money out of the witless playerbase. They have gotten some of mine, as I am sure they have of yours. Now, they hide in the shadows with their jewels, hoping we all forget about it, so they can publish their next game... their next con...

The plot thickens...

A woman going by the online ID Quayjay, or something... Mathiasatva did a video on it in the youtubes.

It is unfortunate that this is happening. The layoffs, followed by cancelling the livestream, and then the deafening silence for days on their twitter feed, all the while an investor is screaming from the rooftops to abandon ship... It paints a very drab and dark picture for the future of our beloved game.

Thank you for getting action taken on this, Math... I submitted a ticket with all the information I had, although it did not have specific match details. I also do not have a talley for the amount of money and experience I lost as a result of this catastrophic bug.

They heard you, Math, it would seem. They are asking for tickets to be submitted so they can get to the bottom of it. Hopefully, it doesn't take long to figure out. Thanks for leading the charge on it! This may sound greedy, but, what can I say, I live in a capitalist society: Maybe we can get some compensation?

Well, it looks like they are taking help tickets right now, trying to figure out the exact issues. I submitted one, and hope everyone else does, too.

Hey, Math... I agree with your statement, wholeheartedly.

Is anyone else having issues choosing their ships at the beginning of the match, and having the order of your fleet mixed up (again)?