I remember seeing an in-game announcing on the top of my screen yesterday claiming the final account reset will happen sometime during today (Jan 11)? Is this correct or was this a hiccup on Greybox's end?

Did anyone else get that announcement yesterday? Is this why the player base is dead right meow? I've been search for 'Any' matches for the past 30 minutes to no avail. smile

Hello Captains!

I'm one of the lucky ones to have received an invitation to the closed beta, albeit a bit late. After a quick learning curve, I thoroughly enjoy Dreadnought even with all the quirks and bugs. The game is pretty immersive and gives off an authentic feel of controlling a massive space warship. However, after playing for a bit, I do have some gripes with the current game mechanics. I have some of my own personal suggestions that I believe would improve the gameplay experience. Hopefully, some of these (if not all) proposals make it to the drawing board.

[Strafing] - How is this not a thing? All ships (aside from Corvette class, imo) should have the ability to strafe. It does not make sense how such an advanced warship that has the ability to warp jump cannot fathom the simple act of strafing side to side. This is mind boggling. There were countless times where I was getting shot at and the only way to get behind cover is to turn my ship around 90 degrees and move out of the enemy's line of sight. This is such a rudimentary way of defense/flight and doesn't make any sense. An easy fix would require nothing more than a modifier key (eg: Alt + A/D) to strafe.

[Hanger GUI] - The user interface in the Hanger could really benefit with some improvements to streamline GUI. One good example is the chat box. On the upper left side of the box, there's an [X] on it. I know it's non-functional and only for looks but there have been countless times when I unconsciously click on thinking it'll close it.

[Match Making] - I'm sure this has been mentioned countless times before but it's prudent to repeat. There should be no reason what-so-ever for a Recruit match (or respective level) to have T3+ ships in the game. This is practically a game breaking exploit and ruins the fun. Not to mention also causing grief for other players. If there's anything on the list of priorities to fix, Greybox really needs to get on top of this one.

[Loadout] - Give us the option to change weapon loadout while in the matchmaking screen and/or when we die during the respawn screen.

[Leveling System] - Although I'm a fairly new player, I've heard a lot of the OG's have left this game after the last revision which changed how the leveling system works. After playing for a bit and I got the hang of how the process works with unlocking ships; I have to agree as well. The current system is too tedious or grindy. As a rough example, I find it meaningless that I have to level up and purchase an Artillery Cruiser in order to unlock, level, and purchase a Corvette just so I can get to the Destroyer. It's a waste of time, XP, and credit in my opinion. The ship class should just remain in the same tier as you unlock it.

[Primary/Secondary Weapon Toggle] - I'd like to have the ability of hot-toggling between primary and secondary weapons [default Q-key] without having to release my left mouse [fire] button so the action doesn't get interrupted. In the heat of a battle, a split second decision means a kill or a loss. In this case, it's really a gripe on my end. I find it tedious that I have to release fire, toggle, then re-fire again to complete the switch. Also, not sure if this is a bug but sometimes the switch doesn't register if I do it too fast.

[Profanity Filter] Give us the option to turn profanity filter on or off. We don't need a nanny system that tells us what we can or can't read/type. I've had an instance where I accidentally typed "Trafalgar" as "Tralfagar" and I was bombarded by in-game warning messages threatening me that if I don't start acting like a good boy, my account would get muted.

[In-game Voice Comms] I hope this is one of the features that will get implemented into the open beta/official release. Sure, there are plenty of VoIP apps out there that a bunch of friends can use under a full squadron but for those solo warriors, an in-game voice comm would benefit strategizing. It takes way too long to type out commands/callouts and most of the time, I find myself really only "playing for myself" due to the lack of communications.

'Welp, these are some the suggestions that stand out to me. I'm sure I have some other quirks as well but can't remember any of them right now. Hopefully, some of my suggestions co-aligns with you guys and I'm not the only guy that feels this way.


Is the cost of the Weapon Booster for the Trafalgar correct (bugged)? It requires 43,500XP to unlock it and who knows how much to purchase it. I just find it a bit off that this upgrade is way out of the usual ballpark figure.

On a side note, why are none of the secondary upgrade weapons purchasable? They all say 'Free' but when I try to buy it, I get the error message "Something went wrong!". It's such a tease and more of a waste of XP.

Finally, do torpedos track their targets? I'm asking because I've had a few 1v1 against a Vette and it seems like their launched torp tracks me, albeit at shallow angles so I can easily avoid it but when I'm in a Vette and fire a torp it looks like it's just going straight. This is in regards to a T2 Corvette I'm asking about.