While I like the new animations for the crosshair, I really dislike the shape of it. I'd prefer a circle reticle. A circle with the animations/color change would be cool.

I feel like XP/Credit rewards are a LOT less, even with Elite Status. I'd say I'm probably 60% what I was before the patch.

Font for chat is a mess, it's really small and blurry.

In the same boat. My xp/credits per match has been cut roughly in half from what it was before the patch.

Also, anyone else annoyed by the small font, and weird new crosshair? I don't like that it's a long sideways rectangle, I preferred when it was a circle.

I think healing could be brought to be in a bit better state if it had two things:

1.) Diminishing returns for multiple ships healing the same target. IE First ship gets 100% heals on dreadnought A, but all other ships that want to heal that same ship are at 25% effectiveness on Dreadnought A, but 100% on other ships.

2.) Reduced healing when you are healing others. IE when you are actively healing another ship, heals on you are reduced by a % effectiveness. Would discourage tac stacking.

Good question!

Fister Roboto Update:

Brutus T5 Destroyer

Athos T5 Destoyer

Svarog T5 Artillery Cruiser

Fister Roboto Update:

Brutus T5 Destroyer

Athos T5 Destoyer

Svarog T5 Artillery Cruiser

Haytu2#5972 posted (#post-149522)

Then why post garbage like this and shine a huge spotlight on the random drivel of a handful of immature players?

Perhaps to inspire them to behave more like leaders in this community.

DN_MiguelItUp#0468 posted (#post-149516)

To be frank, I don't think any developer wants to see that kind of behavior from their community. Especially one that's in beta and still acquiring new players. As I mentioned on that thread itself, it's not something that we "support", we always showcase streamers and content creators when able. We're attempting to get more details about the situation itself, but I would like to think that this is a misunderstanding of some form. If not, I'd hope that stuff like this doesn't happen again. We're wanting our community to flourish and prosper, not die and wither away.

Heck yeah, this game is fun, we need more people!

Lando, I love you man.

Seems to be some spicy beef over at reddit. No SOS response yet, I'm wondering if anyone recorded the stream in question. I was in one of the T5 games, but didn't notice anything out of place at the time.