Amen @Notmynick well posted !

so what do they do ?

what are their powers?


I support this man !

My own proof the DN math is .... wrong

while I understand what you are talking about with the bugs, spawns and all stuff....I dont understand why you keep greefing the forum.

you could simply move on and give them time

SteelOverWolf#8157 posted (#post-161197)

its a Tier 5 has better effects and a shorter cooldown compared to the T3 and 4 versions. Of course its gonna cost more.

awww you are so speshul trying to talk like the big boys smile kewt

the module thats in red on the athos should cost 28k like ALL the other module in slot 4 and slot3 instead it costs 58k....there is no reason for that i think

its an easy fix....please help us devs!

Much love!

Thank you for the quick fix seems to be MUCH better KUDOS !!

the nerf in XP gain is the stupidest thing you ever did !

Separating score from XP is a BAD thing or it was done poorly ! just put in stat based MM when you have a community

There is NO LOGIC...i can not even comment I will however guarantee to you and you can MARK my WORDS: you will loose high tier players with this update.

The grind is EVEN HIGHER, NOW !!! If i could get a tier 5 module in 5-6 GOOD matches 13+ Kills ... now i need 14+ matches with any mediocre score.

You are on the verge of loosing a lot of players !

To make it worse you didnt fix the dont get infinite load get very high load time and you spawn IN THE ENEMY TEAM kudos

As a good feedback:

Nice new UI, pretty maps very nice

Please work on the urgent things: SPAWNS and XP nerf its BAD

Please tell me you fixed the issues with the respawns and you forgot to put them in the notes PLEASE PLEASE tell us thats the case

where did you see they will be removed?

from what I understood they will still be there but looking a bit different