Very nice build....teamwork is needed and top heals for maximum efficiency

I almost LOLed then realized he is being serious and got sad cause we belong to the same species.

It is ABSOLUTELY imperative that you fix RESPAWNS on all your maps.... they are MUCH worse then before the patch.

For example you respawn within weapons range of the enemy team 2 sometime 3 times in a row or you get totally separated from your team being put on the other side of the map...its really bad

BunBun be praised !

If this thread is still going please add me with Monarch and Ohkta

ty in advance!

try this, I was the one sugested the build: BroadSide Plasma + Flechette with armorbooster and Warp jump.... jump in to them and rip at least 2-3 ships

You can use other missiles instead of Flechette untill you unlock them, also keep in mind warp doesnt need to always be targeted at least tier 4 one

main thing is to get in to the 2.4k m to be able to dish out damage....its a bit tricky to play but its very nice once you get used to it

ALSO !!! Keep in mind starting to unlock officer briefings that make a HUGE difference: Retaliator (from jutland), get on my good side(tier corvette: Machias) and slow and steady....forgot from where you get it smile)

EDIT: just saw I wrote the same thing as destroyer....feel dumb now