careful they will DELETE this POST like they did mine.....Why I am out of here AGAIN....

1) Matching is terrible.....Forcing Higher Rank players into Recruit battles or force them to wait/pay to play while cooldown timer counts down.

2) Turning off NEW PLAYERS by--forcing Higher ranked Players into Recruit games encourages.....SEAL CLUBBING.

3) Higher Ranked Players forced into RECRUIT games...use this time to Slay and build up money. So you see a LvL 3 General in a Corvette Slaying Noobs for Easy Cash. You will See a lot of 18-1 K/D. Thus the reason for #2....

It is one big Merry-go-Round...this is the reason I stopped playing last YEAR..The DEV's have just repackaged the same old can they are pushing out on us.....

Sorry I can no longer play this game. I dropped last time due to the Higher RANK players seal clubbing new ones..I see things still have not changed. With the higher rank players being forced to play recruit or wait makes it that much worse off.

The # 1 Reason should be this New SYSTEM that puts High Rank players in with Seal club and Frustrate NEW Players into playing another Type Game......

How will you get more players ?

This is a merry-go-round....this was talked about 6 months ago..same problem new day

SOS-Lupus_Vindice#0974 posted (#post-129577)

So you think it is ok that an experienced player feels forced to play in recruit matches where some day one player will come across them and get rofl stomped the entire game. Then the game after that and the game after that etc no they will just stop playing.

They need time to get used to the game get some unlocks nothing tells them to leave a t1 in fleet either so they end up in vet matches where again they get rofl stomped and fed up with the game.

I want this game to succeed and grow but the way MM works right now that is not going to happen because they will come in get wrecked repeatedly and leave the game.

That is my Point.....NEW players are getting SEAL CLUBBED every game. In one of my games they got camped so badly by a Corvette that 4 dropped before half the game was over.(I am sure the NOOBs thank you for that CAPTAIN. If they are even still Playing this game) I have also seen DD's Owning the field not due to the Ship but the 3 STAR GENERAL Piloting it.

Now I get the point Players have made about Cool Down forcing High Rank players into the Recruit pool......It Is going to need fixing.

ALL I can say is IF High Rank Players are Forced to play in the SEAL CLUBBING POOL(Recruit)..

NEW PLAYERS will Drop like Flies...again...and the game will Suffer...Again.

DEV's this is like Ground Hog Day.......Did we not go over this 6 months ago ??

I just started crashing today after the little patch...Crashed rejoined then could not change the ships from a random one I got after rejoining.

ON a side note just updated NVidia Driver today also..

I see a lot of High Rank guys Bottom feeding in the RECRUIT pool....15 kills per game- OWNING everything

This is one of the reasons the NEW Player count dropped so low last time...

DEVS can you not limit the Recruit games to a RANK - X and below....

This way the newer players can all learn together and not get put off by these players that know every Ship and what they do....Where the RESPAWN points are so they can camp the entrances and get Easy kills(at the same time put off Newer Players from logging in again..

DREADPONY you just posted in screenshots a 15-0 kills to loss in your Corvette. The rest of your team had avg. 3-4 kills.

And you do not think that ship is OP...Wake up DREAMPONY...your in Fairy Land.

THE GUY IS A TROLL...he is doing this to get the Thread closed.

dreadpony#0823 posted (#post-129481)

Actually corvettes are very underpowered in compare to other ships.

You just lack of skill and game mechanics knowledge to properly counter them.

The only way to survive and counter a corvette is outnuber and focus fire on it. Maybe this will be enough to kill it, if only vette decide to stay instead of running away.

So find a squad, learn how to play, pick an anti-corvette builds for your ships, focus your fire only on corvettes, and you will find that protecting yourself against a vette is very easy thing!

Someone is talking out their backside.......

I have to totally agree I just had a Higher rank player in a Recruit game BOTTOM feeding the stink out of NEW players.

He knew exactly where the Respawn points for my side were and every time I would respawn he was there killing our team. After getting killed 4 times in arow about 5 seconds after respawn..Half of our team had dropped. Now I was in an Arty ship but I saw him go thru a DRED in about 5 seconds.... then come for me about 15 seconds after that..Hum the reason I left the game is back...or actually it never has left I see.........

I want to thank CAPTAIN for Bottom Feeding and turning off a lot of new players...

And the Tag is correct.....Corvette knots

Well, I say no to PVE... that is what has KILLED many-a-Game..look at Naval Action..

Better to have a good PVP game than a Half baked PVE and PVP game.

Just saying.....

as far as being able to get Colors and the like..I am all for grinding to get them..not just for real money.

I also do not like PAY TO WIN games.....