I was kinda envisioning what they did in Unreal 3, the single player was the same as the core game they just used a story built by cinematics and briefings to explain why you were on X map and partaking in X objective. It taught you the different game modes on an escalating difficulty and gave some backstory to flesh out the game while you were at it. No need to reinvent the wheel, just utilizing the core game in a way to build a universe. It'll perhaps force some people to use different capital ships and loadouts to boot haha.

at pax's Greybox after party there was a team or two that went full sniper and just chewed the enemy teams up until corvette's came into play or they lost cohesion. I was glad that later rounds lead to more diverse setups since too much of one ship isn't necessarily a good thing.

Lowercase dn for the in game ship or simply nought perhaps.

You sir are simply exploding in a manner unbecoming of a fleet captain. True men leave shrapnel.

Special border around your captain icon, different colored text on name or chat, rainbow colored propulsion trails, the possibilities are endless.

False, clearly doing the jitterbug.

The person below me will be making engine and pewpewpew noises when piloting a fighter.

In the panel at pax they alluded to that the officers and crew of your ship learn skills over time making functions more efficient. Whether this manifests as just stat buffs or abilities I don't know.

In the panel at pax east there was a time that the screen during the ingame footage went fuzzy and static laden. There was a comment that it wasn't video error; care to comment on emp, jammers, or the type of countermeasure that causes such a phenomenon?

If I ram 3 fighters out of the air by warping in as a dreadnought do I get a high five from the dev team?

Perhaps gasses with differing properties. Shooting a patch of hydrogen in space wouldn't cause an explosion a la the red barrel trope but perhaps starts a small star fusion which creates a gravity well for a short period of time affecting movement. Or dense patches of methane which limit the efficacy of ballistic weapons passing through them. It would give more options for varied weapon selection to weigh the pro's and cons of the environment.