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I'm unsure I understand you as I thought Legendary does pair up Tier 4 and 5 ships?
I understand your approach to address an issue that has been around for a while now and 'looks' to possibly be staying with the current state of the game, but I have another possible solution:

Just lesson the grind when players hit tiers 3/4/5.

Let's face it, there will always be a skill gap between those new to the game and those who have the experience. That is further exacerbated with the long grind that makes you feel not only do you have that inexperience, but you will also continue to be at a disadvantage because of the long extended grind with the ships. A double whammy!

We can't change the experience side (or indeed that some will just be more skilled than others). But we can offer them the feeling that they are still getting somewhere in a reasonable time frame.

Yes, it will mean those who have played the game for a longer time will be relinquishing their ship advantage sooner - but EVERY player would still have their experience and skill to count on.

To retain players and populate all tiers, isn't this worth it to save the game? It does seem so many have commented on the tier imbalance, the grind and the consequent 'lack of progress' feeling (and being at a disadvantage for too long). O7

I mean that legendary can be an unlockable option for a player Tier 4 with 10 investigated modules, plus, with a balanced matchmaking system that allows you to add legendary players and veterans of the same amount, whatever it is, you have to fix this soon.

one by one they will become legendary, but not all will coincide to start a game, this is a problem, it would also be good some kind of accountant, showing us how many players exist with active tier 5 and thus, making the match more likely

we must not lose the new players committed to their progress, therefore, I have the feeling that they will get to their first tier 5 and launch themselves into legendary hopefuls and see that they do not start a game in less than 2 minutes and have to wait sometimes up to 15 minutes they will feel frustrated.

my idea is to pair tier 4 and 5, but only match tier 4 players with ten modules investigated, so they will not be deadweight in the game, it is more, as I had seen someone say once there, gives an extra reward to these players for the effort.

legendary is still a cult game in which you have to be searching, and continuously with the same players, you have to give life in some way.

is this real?...


It seems that the problem I had with my gpu is already fixed.

I will give my views of the state of the game.

I like it, I like it in general.

  1. The interface is nice, creative, it feels a bit confusing, with some elements that are too big, but I like the aesthetic idea

  2. sound, it feels more realistic, many dislike the new sounds of weapons because they are very deep sound, but they are gigantic ships, it is obvious that the sounds sound deep sound.

except for the new sound of the engines, it feels out of place, maybe I can leave it for the corvettes, it feels like a small engine, maybe each class or manufacturer can have its own sound in its engines.

I will give my support in the course of this or the other week, please keep this game alive, it is a bit depressing the first impression we had, if it had not been for the inconveniences, I bet we would have reached the 6k of players in line and going up..

my biggest concern is the first bad impression we have given in steam, this simply does not attract new players, and others who have already tried it, have left, and do not give it a new opportunity after things improve, consequently , the player base will not grow.

and second, I'm interested to know if they are going to do something with the current performance of the game, they improved the fps, yes, but now, my gpu is heated up to 80 degrees just by being in the hangar, and in the battles in some maps, What happened? This never happened to me, and I do not like to play something that warms up my video card so much. I was enthusiastic about supporting the project now that it is in steam, but I can not, I'm sorry, hopefully fix this, because I really like dreadnougth.

I will be sincere, in the last few days I had a bad feeling of the launch in steam, and I do not mean the state of the game (I like it), if not in the release as such, I thought it would be announced by the main steam platform in the launched, and by means of the internet, but, television advertising? I doubt that this is effective, we had the opportunity to call more attention, but it was very bad focused, a pity.

game more fluid, higher temperatures, what is it ?, This did not happen to me before with dreadnought. and it does not happen to me with any other game.

my card goes up to 80 degrees.

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No. You where the first.

2 left.

many thanks

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I have 3 recruit packs from the hunters founders packs.

It comes with the T2 and T4 Morningstar, along with recruit pack Decal and emblem and 250GP .

To get it PM me your account email and I'll add the pack to your account.

Please note that if you have already added one to your account you can not add another of theses (I tried already) first come first servered.

I sent you a message, I hope it was not too late

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To be fair, I find them some of the harder to kill tac's, Normally because they have ships body guarding them, and they have the best healing out of all the tac's. You do need OB's though to make it trully shine. Before adrenalin shot was changed that ship never ran out of energy.

The briefings are another one of those things, unlocking them requires a MAJOR time investment into the game, and if it was well balanced it really wouldn't be such a drastic game changer.

Is it the hardest tac to kill? I suppose it has more HP than the others, and no tac is actually fast but none of them are actually hard to kill if nobody is protecting them IMO. Tactical cruisers move like they should be twice as big and have twice as much HP, like a military oiler or something like that.

I mean this goes back to me saying this game seems to ignore lessons that have been known in game design for decades. If something isn't a good idea in a fantasy MMORPG, like endless CC spam, huge speed differences between players, or healers that can be killed at will by enemy rogues then it isn't suddenly a good idea just because you're a spaceship game. In fact it's probably an even worse idea.

The notion of slow ships is also something I can't stand in games about ships. A slow ship is an obsolete ship. No navy would ever opt for a ship that only goes half as fast as the rest of them, no matter how nifty its other capabilities were. It would either slow the entire fleet down or fall behind, either way it would be a giant liability and would simply be scrapped in real life. For some reasons game designers like to throw things at the players that would be outright rejected by any military planner in reality though. Good luck balancing a game where you immediately introduce units that would be deemed unfit for service in any actual navy.

the speed of the tactical cruises is fine, officer briefings is something that will change in the future, and dreadnought is science fiction, it is not real, it is what makes it great, and also makes it easier to balance, not depend on "a reality".