Yes i have know you both will answer like this , good job in trolling.

As i have say i have a dread with stasis , even a T4 i have take after some time , and still 9 of 10 times corvette wins.

But yes i understand you will never understand what i talking about , and i will just see the same answers from you again and again.

To make sure i can resist read your trolls again i no will look in this forum again ,thanks for nothings.

Im not angry at all , but this trolls are just annoying , bye.

Man geht zwar nicht ganz leer aus da man trotzdem Punkte dafür bekommt, aber wenn man wie claussanta bereits sagt fast 90% macht und der kill dann an den lezten geht der trift ... ist das durchaus ärgerlich , egal ob punkte oder nicht.

Wenn zb mit 0 kills und 12 Support raus gehst obwohl fast immer genger bis in den tot geschossen hast ... und dann doch noch wer den lezten hit macht, und das system es nur als support ansieht wegen diesen prob , ist das halt bissel schade einfach.

FooJub#4039 posted (#post-166046)

The ONLY way a vette kills a dread in a couple seconds is if they're already significantly damaged, and/or their healer is dead or bad, and/or their defense modules are on cd. I don't think I've ever killed even an oberon dread in their team when they're aware. Sure, a vette can kill a dread in seconds, but then again, so can any ship with the right timing, and modules.

What game are you playing? I must ask you the same!

"The ONLY way a vette kills a dread in a couple seconds is if they're already significantly damaged" ?Realy ?

You must definitely play a other game then , in Dreadnought a corvette 100% can kill a Dread in couple seconds, and a Oberon Dread die so fast thats even try to counter with stasis is just useless ... even with shilds on.

But thats just prove my point its useless to write in this forum , becouse i think some like you and Brother Belial just troll us , or you both just find it funy make jokes about us who write here problems and our Experience in this game ... this Experience what many have with corvettes , but mostly all of them just write agro mails to support and so , but never come to the forum here ... becouse the fear of people like you.

Its just incredibly how you both beat all who write her problems with this , and always the same answer nonsense ... like use stasis , or even better your fav funny " free kills , easy to counter ".

Thats why i have write with the support only after stop write here in forum , the Support in this game is very very good , and was so satisfying thats someone not answer only the same nonsense again and again.

All have her own Experience in this game i can accept it , but what you both say its just like trolling , i can´t take it seriously.

When you have never see this happen in this game you must have be best luck of the universe , or blind , or play a other game like us.

Watch your modules when they light up green it means there is a target near buy, something like stasis pulse that dose not need target lock will turn green when an enemy ship is about. Also if you hit a stealthed ship it will become visable. They also take more damage too. Your team was not geared to deal with it and you got smoked. L2P issue.

I have try to resist write anythings again but my god here i must xD , " Also if you hit a stealthed ship it will become visable. " Thats just a LIE ! , have see many times cloak/stealthed Corvettes ther stand behinde me and i fire of them .... and there NO become visible.

Maybe some player find a glitch or somethings , have no idea how it is posibile when you say there will become visible.

And the only way i have see this ships , was while i was alone after die .. respawn and somethings hit me from behind ... and my HP gos so fast down ... sure have use stasis and schilds and my armor modul ... so i was able to look around , and see shoots out of nowhere ... and fire all i have in this place.

My secondary dread weapon hit it but nothings happen , it stays invisible and kill me after next seconds , befor i die i see litle bit flickering and see just a corvette conture ... a T4 one of course.

But i know you will just say otherwise , but i have see it happen ... happy not so heavy often but still was happen.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-166016)

Because only corvettes can get kills like this right? Oh wait, that's a Dreadnought.

Never have say its imposibile to make much kills with other ship , i not understand whats your point is , i talk over he defense against corvettes , if she do 20 kills or 5 kills is not important.

And while a T4 Dread have kill 14 T2 and T3 it proves your point thats all its fine ?

I was come for game Dreadnought , but its mostly big targets for corvettes.

But finei understand the corvettes are easy to counter for you, so i just to stupid in your eyes and the problem is just for me , but easy to fix for me by deinstall this game.

Bye and have fun with corvette online.

Immer nur für eine tech linie , zb wenn für Akula dread was kaufst , ist es für alle Akula Dreads , aber nicht für die anderen Akula schiffe.

Ob das für wappen auch so ist weiß ich nicht , aber für farben ist es jedenfals so.

Naja wenn Lord Helmchen unzufrieden wird weil so einn schiffsverschleiß hast , weißt ja was dann passiert XD .... dann wird aus Körnel Kandfurtz , sopran Körnel Sandfurtz.

Ja gut beta , wird sicher besser wenn release ist , hoff ich jedenfals weil das game hätte es verdient ... trotz kleinerer ärgernisse xD.

Anyone#6415 posted (#post-165961)

Corvettes are free kills, they are my primary source of kills in the majority of matches. Often enough I make them reroll to other classes.

To counter them in recruit:

  • Don't waste energy on power to weapons or movement

  • Don't shield until they are < 1300 meters (1200 meters are their optimal range)

  • When playing destroyers, get within 800m range and watch their HP drop while you flak them

  • When playing dreadnought, just keep your shields up, broadside them and keep shooting them with repeaters

  • When playing tacs, just get in 700m range and tesla them (if they even make it this far), just keep your laser beam on them, additionally use beam amplifier, it should melt them.

  • When playing arties, just power to weapons and hit them

Granted, you can only kill corvettes like this if they don't surprise you. So most important, be aware of your surroundings. You can't balance ships around the incompetence of players to counter them properly.

That being said, I think the Dover should be replaced with a T2 Fulgora variant.

All this what you say i have try self many times and never work , and i always look around to not have a sneaky corvette behind me ... sure im not the best in this game but i very try my best.

And your point "When playing dreadnought, just keep your shields up, broadside them and keep shooting them with repeaters" ... nope , there not die then , only a T2 corvette dies from my broadside, but T3+ are just laught and fly around with no much HP lost , and then kill me in 5 sec.

I mean you give good tips , but this tips i have try first time when was in near fight with a corvette , and even after so many matches it never work well ... only when a T2 corvette broadside to you.

But maybe i waist my time in this forum , looks like all is fine and corvettes are underpowerd and just easy kills , and its sure just me alone who have this problems, thanks for point this out.

claussanta86#7052 posted (#post-165958)

Man hat später genug davon glaubs mir hab dauernd so 500000 und hab nichts zum ausgeben weil die ganze Flotte voll ausgebaut ist und T5 Spiele gehen noch nicht auf

Ich hab den threat nicht erstellt , ich beschwere mich nicht über das vorrankommen ^^ , ich habs nicht mega eillig , weil leider auch recht kleiner tech baum ist im vergleich zu WoWs zb.

Wollte nur sagen das klar etwas wehnig ist wenn man schnell vorrankommen will , wie der ersteller dieses Beitrags.

Ich würde mir eher wünschen das der Tech baum bis schiffe level T8 geht oder besser 10 , dann hat man lange vor sich xD.

Aber soviel schiffe haben sie nicht also versteh schon das T5 so erstmal endgame ist , hoffe aber immer auf mehr.