It is reasonable that players that reach the end game ask questions about where the game goes from there. And everyone is allowed to hope.

What is not reasonable is to believe they have an extra level of privilege and the right to DEMAND.

To have any and all questions answered to their satisfaction, or to have all features dissected and discussed and then shaped to their ideas of how things should be.

An advanced player with "5 tier 5 ships" is no more or less than any other player: They have a right to their opinion and that's about it. There is no additional entitlement beyond "thanks for playing our game".

Entitlement is the key word - cos there's a lot rolling round this forum these days and frankly its a bit disgusting.

I went back and checked all those closed topics SinofMen - and most of them were reasonably answered. Some had dragged on - and some were simply rants with no real purpose other than to pick sores open.

It doesn't take a genius to see that this game is developing at too slow a progression rate for a lot of the "senior" players - and they don't like that.

It is also very obvious that some feel entitled to having more information than is probably available to the CM - and are happy to beat up the CM when he cant answer their every whim.

Lastly: how much of a self-entitled prig does one have to be to start railing on a human being and accuse them of not doing their job when all they are doing is their job? - just not to your highly unrealistic levels of expectation.

No. No amount of tier 5 ships should give anybody the entitlement to insult demena or belittle the people working to deliver the game.

Theres a golden rule to online gaming that I think people need to remember: Its only a game. If you are frustrated take a break.

Perhaps you need to take a break from Dreadnought for a bit.

I uninstalled as a casual player the first time as I did the math and realised it would take me months to progress up the ladder.. and that most of that time would be being forced to play with moduiles I didn't want, or waiting for games.

I reinstalled after I saw a skins competition and realized I just liked the core concept of DN - and it pulled be back from Fractured Space which is like the cartoon cousin of DN. Then I spent a bit of time to actually try and understand how to play the game, and got good enough to begin to see progress.

If I uninstall again it will be because I don't think the current grind is fair: The game is meant for a much bigger playerbase than it has, and frankly the absence of legendary games locks me out big time.

I don't mind a challenge - but not an unfair one. Right now I think we are punished a bit for sticking around when the game modes are not working.

I hope I never uninstall again... I think I took a leap of faith and I feel DN could be much better than for example Fractured Space - but that game is a lot lot lot lot more accessible currently - especially if I have like an hour or 2 to kill.

tl:dr Uninstalled cos of grind. Reinstalled cos concept is good..waiting to see if grind improves / matches get fixed.

Good luck Engineers!

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To be fair, that's probably one of the best clan/guild/cult pitches I've ever read.

Can i Inferest you in the Book of Nut ?

Bunnies eat NUTs for breakfast.

I don't think they do.

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You DON'T support bad decisions. I wouldn't put another dime into this game for the simple fact, that is the ONLY thing the developers are encouraging at this point.

They don't listen to players, they don't fix bugs, they don't do anything that I would consider worthy of supporting. The game was DONE, DEVELOPED and POLISHED back in 2014. The only thing that has been added since then is new ways to get you to open your wallet.

If you keep throwing money at them, all your going to do is feed their ego that they are developing the game in a enjoyable way. When in reality, there is nothing that could be further from the truth.

That would be like my kid bringing home his report card with all "F's" and I take him to the store to get Ice Cream. How does that make sense? It doesn't and supporting Dreadnought with your wallet is the last thing the community should be doing at this point.

Im sensing frustration - but i think its a different conversation.

Does OP enjoy the game as it is? If so its perfectly reasonable stick a few bucks in it.

I enjoy the game and have bought the mercenary pack... And I have hopes the game will develop eventually to where it needs to be. They release maps and try to fix things, but are a small team so.. its gonna take a while. But that doesnt mean the current game is worthless or not worth investing in - it just means that in a few years you may not wish to invest any more - as you have chose to do. Fair enough I suppose.

To your last point: If the community doesnt support Dreadnought with their wallets the game dies. End of story. Its not a charity.- They have bills to pay and children to feed like the rest of us. If the game fails to be commercially viable then it shuts down and then you get NOTHING. And that's a bad investment in anyones book.

tl:dr if you like the game support it. The devs are obviously working on things but its taking time. The more support they get the better it will be - but no support = no game.

the xp gain is much slower than intended simply because its so hard to find legendary matches or switch around the game modes: Team elimination fdoesnt work at all (abandoned by players) and Proving grounds is not worth the effort as it barely gives points.

The game assumes a lot more players and a lot more matches happeneing - In reality players waste too much time waiting.

Long story short - the game modes arent working as intended and the player base isnt big enough to allow us to hop from game to game (legendary).

Please compensate for the slowness of the grind until these things are addressed.

Also: this is a common occurance in the games I do actually get into:

Quitting a game should have a real consequence.

I think at this time a founders pack is basically an investment in the game to show you support it.

I got the veteran pack and have spent a bit on gold for skins and such... Honestly I think the game needs a lot more stuff - but I like it and I think its good to show support.

Is the game something you come back to regularly? Do you like the ideas behind it? Do you think it has potential?

For myself - I prefer DN to Fractured Space, for example, where I also invested 40 - 50 euros. I think DN with a few more ideas and options will be great, but the game needs to build its user base a bit. "investing" makes me feel like I have a commitment to the game and it stops being an F2P throwaway...

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Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-158353)

To be fair, that's probably one of the best clan/guild/cult pitches I've ever read.

Can i Inferest you in the Book of Nut ?

Bunnies eat NUTs for breakfast.

It is impossible to find Team Elimination matches - no-one is playing them often enough.

I now have 2 x team elimination dailies out of 4.