So it was totally my bad. I read the email in October and didnt check its date to see it was from a september event.

IQ test fail - theres no way I should be allowed to fly spaceships at all! :o

A big hug to Patrick from support who very politely did not just call me a big eejit and instead patiently waited for me to figure out this brainteaser over the course of many emails smile

Good news is it was the email that actually got me back into the game and I'm now a Mercenary with 3 x T4s in vivid bun bun pink (which lets face it is the far superior coating anyway smile).


I didnt get it - but I'm pretty sure I played in the weekend. It was actually that email that brought me back into the game after I left smile

Is there someone I can bug about it? smile

I played on teh invader weekend and was wondering how the skins are given? I didnt get an email or anything - where should I look for the code?

Jawayne#8001 posted (#post-159291)

I saw you in many legendary matches yesterday, which started to appear without planning! So yes, the amount of high-lvl-players is still not big enough to keep them going all the time.

I suppose my caveat must be "except at peak play times."

When it works it works quick enough - but sometimes it doesnt work at all... mostly i think in the mornings and afternoons.

Nephilim#7780 posted (#post-159261)

It would be nice to not have your "Auto Repair" module healing Assault ships in Onslaught instead of your team members when you are next to them. Also being Auto it try's to heal the lower health player within range of the module.

thats kind of a different discussion tho? >.>

It would be nice to get a better view of which ships need healing by having a list of players, similar to other mobas and mmos, and being able to switch highløighting on targets with a hotkey. Sometimes I cant find a player screaming for assitance because they are at a supid angle just out of view.. and its hard to jkeep up with who needs heals when they are spread out over the map.

It seems a bit simplistic that we are flying high tech space ships but rely entirely on visual clues and screams for help to know when other ships need assistance. I am sure this level of information could also work for ships other than healers - fopr example notification when a ship is being fired upon or firing upon an enemy would let others know when battle is happening.

Not sure if its a bug but I dont seem to find Legendary gamers most of the time.. i give up after the wait time is about 15 - 20 minutes. Sometimes I am off surfing and forget Im even queueing - so I come back half an hour later and there's still no match (I get the ding and soundseven when my DN is minimized so I would know if I joined).

Are legendary matches really that rare? where are all the high level players? Or is it just me?

Jutland primaries should be like the Jutland itself: Incredibly slow but packing a wallop.

If they took a second / 2 seconds to reload but did 3 or 4 times the current damage they might start being useful - but as it is now they are like wee little pea shooters. It makes no sense that something so incredibly monstrous would squirt water pistols at you.

I actually agree - I think speed should be time limited to burst skills - like afterburner or something. The difference in speed between the destroyers and dreads (Vigo vs Jutland) for example is kind of ridiculous.