I think the truth is somewhere in the middle Belial. Players arent sticking around and the Legendary mode is deserted.

Plenty of players have a T4 but noone puts them into legendary - This is a symptom of a serious problem.

The challenge of any shooter is to compete and improve. To build up and diversify and specialize to the highest level possible. Not simply rinse repeat the same old thing over and over and over and over again.

The "End game" is not a conclusion (I hit level 60 hooray!) but a capability (now I can do the elite dungeons!).

In Dreadnought it is about climbing an arduous grind tree to end up with a T5 ship that you can compete against the best and most veteran players with. Where real skills are needed.

But that its not present: Therefore the game lacks an endgame. We are reduced to sitting in Vet games praying the next random team has someone in it that knows how to heal or that novices wont accidently pop in to fill out the numbers..

The cash shop is aimed towards progression: Buiyng credits to pay for ship and modulke unlocks - and these are mandatory to open up the next tier of ship. It is not unreasonable to be frustrated when you realise that all that grinding, and all that cash spent to get to a T5 is uselss cos.... the game doesnt exist at that moment.

Lastly: One year ago people on the forum were complaining there were no legendary games and were told to wait until more people had T5s.

A year later and there are no games and people are being told "Go to Discord and arrange matches."

Both answers were wrong.

This is disingenuous. Hoping for 16 people to sit and wait for a moment to play a game is not good enough when THE WHOLE POINT of the game is progression is ridiculous.

The truth is that T4 gets you into a legendary game - but people don't bother and people leave the game. THIS is a massive issue.

  • *Game is in Beta. Can hardly run tournaments when the game is being actively developed.

  • Everything you have said would take a lot of development time.

  • Really there needs to be incentives to play T5 ships. The problem is the players who have them don't want to play the same people all the time.

  • Apparently there are over 200 players with T5 ships, but how many of those people are actively playing? I don't know.

    People aren't even bothering to play legendary with their T4s. In theory the absence of t5 ships should mean legendary is a T4 free-for-all. It takes 2 days of playing to get a T4 But people still don't bother.

The game is in beta but its pricing model is most definitely not - and that leads players to have reasonable expectations. The game is charging money. Ive close to 80 bucks in - including cash I spent on credits to purchase modules and ships cos I cant grind them fast enough.

If you're saying they will all be reimbursed (and also everything wiped ion the tree) then I guess I will believe it really is a beta - but I understood they won't be reimbursed and theres no more wipes.

So "Beta" in that the game isnt finished" -- fair enough. Buit "beta" in the sense that I shouldnt expect a real game for my money? No. And beta or not: Players have come and gone because there is no end game - even those who did invest money.

Lastly: The fact there is no end game should be as disconcerting to the devs in beta as in release: Even more so. It means there is nothing to keep players wanting to stay.

I sat in Discord waiting for a legendary group on a friday evening.

Same queue length as before - 15 minutes (is my max - after that its just a joke).

Half the threads about Legendary are usually answered with "goto Discord."

Well discord doesnt solve anything. Legendary still forces me to queue for a ridiculous amount of time and doesn't work and I'm gutted. There is no end game.

To the devs: Fix this: Why is this not THE PRIORITY?

There are so many ways.

  1. Give the Hero ships an optional T5 buff and let them join legendary. Their credits can still accumulate as before.


  2. Allow battlefield buffs that even out the differences for T4. Offer battlefield rewards "courage under fire" and ""Underdog" to give incentives for T4 ships to get in to Legendary straight away.


  3. Make T5 ships "rentable". deduct part of the battle bonus for a player renting a ship out - or reversely offer an "investment" bonus to those that own their ships.


  4. Make a legendary lobbby that all players can see - and make the queue for legendary visible so that players get notified when other players are joining it. That will build impetus.


  5. Let us autoqueue our ships for legendary matches so that we get pulled into them when a place pops up.


  6. reduce the headcount neccassary for games. Offer 3 x 3, 4 x 4, 5 x 5, 6 x 6. 7 x 7 and let it escalate as the group to join grows.


Mosty importantly: reduce the grind to legendary and build interest in it by offering prizes and tournaments.


Im going to take a break from the game for a few months cos this it is so disappointing to be forced to wait to game on a weekend. Its outright disrespectful to your players and I have 4000 other games to play which would never do that.

  1. I think its unfortunate that the game design forces us to play styles and mods we have no interest in to earn the right to play how we do want to. Imagine being if WoW forced you to play as a archer or cleric from level 1 -30 to be a warrior past level 31. Some of the trees are kinda stupid, and generally specializations should be career choice progressions rather than "we're gonna make you tick off a lot of boxes and waste your time before we let you get to your preferred playstyle."

  2. Im not sure about this: I often see T3 ships dominating veteran matches... especially some Corvettes and destroyers, but certainly T3 dreads and tacs are way underpowered in vet matches. I wish players could find or purchase temporary buffs, or there was more team enhancement skills (like paladin auras I guess) which could level out the difference.

    Either that or give us the ability to mix and match defensive and strategic modules across different tiers and classes to open up customization.

  3. I win or lose depending on whether my team understands how to play together - and this is entirely random. I can get the top score in one match and sub 300 in the next. Its just totally up to the team composition and especially when I'm Jutting (I work towards my Monarch) there is no point to beg for healers or make recommendations cos it will just lead to arguments and mockery. I can live forever with a good healer but I barely bother to check if there is one around now and just shrug and die when there isnt. The majority of recent games my teams havent had any healers at all so I can go full armour mode but then i never really get anywhere in the rankings cos noone in the team will bother to use me as a damage soak.

Jutty in bubblegum pink with forest camo to mix it up. Bun buns secret decal. I just miss a bunny emblem.

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Go to Discord or no leg for you Bonnie

But its not my cup of tea ^^

The level of pure spam in the forums is insane... and it seems to be getting worse.

Can we help? Maybe we can report spam and it will automatically get removed? Or maybe give some ppl the job of clearing it up.

It just looks REALLY bad - isnt there any way to fix it?


There aren't many players. It should be a lot easier to find matches.

Many of the same names and faces will pop up over and over even in the peak hours.

You can usually tell when you're not in peak hours when bots appear in games.

Legendary queues almost never work and you will have to waste a lot of time trying to figure out if they do (queues for 20 minutes).

Team elimination queues (my favorite gameplay) never work.

I hope that when they make global chat a thing it will build up a better sense of community. Right now its a bit of a single-player game feeling where you cant discuss or arrange with ppl what you want to play - which doesnt serve the game well.

I know someone will say go to "discord"... but Ive been there and its not my cup of tea.

Mostly its about knowing your class and playing it well: A very good Corvette player will seem godlike until he meets a very capable Dreadnought or Destroyer player - and then its an even match of rock paper scissors lizard spock where the best loadout wins.

I love my Jutty - but I cant defend against everything and theres a good reason for that: Loadouts are intentionally restrictive.

For example: Stasis would allow me to stop a corvette and focus fire on it - but at the expense of the beefiness that lets me head to the front line. I rarely choose stasis but OMG when I need it I regret not having it.

Until We are allowed to change our setups mid-fight we are stuck with what we went into battle with.

There have been so many times I regretted not bringing stasis into the fight (for example a particulraly nasty Corvette team or suicidal ramming destroyers). Especially when I know my team isnt really capable of dealing with said corvette or destroyer. But I know I would regret not bringing my current setup even more.

Could you please also give them the ability to kill the spam posts? smile