Steam can be pretty toxic for games that have small development teams - cos players get so impatient for changes and fixes.

Sticking a beta game there is russian roulette if there are still kinks to be worked out. I dont think the reviews would be fair to DN - It took me a while and a few breaks before I really got into it, but my first impression was kind of lukewarm because its so barebones - you have to find something to love in the core game, and I dont think a lot of steam players have the patience for that, so youll get a lot of "meh played for 30 minutes and its no good" kind of reviews which I dont think will do it justice.

I think players should be allowed to play how they like.

If I buy these do I get them on every ship?


I took a chance and - yes they apply to every ship smile

yay - the bun bun cargo cult decal and coating are back in the store ^^

Its a sign! A SIGN from the great rabbity overlords.

I shoulda asked you guys how long you've been playing? I've been at it on and off for a month but only started getting really interested in the past week or so...

Obviously my playstyle gets somewhat better as I practice - but I'm a long way from those guys that manage to constantly top the group with 3 times as many points as everyone else. I think score wise I'm a bit worse than average (w/l ration is 0.6 I think).

I wonder does anyone else suck in the roles they love the most?

I love my great fat pink Jutland but I'm always at the bottom of the score pile. I'm slowly saving up for his big sister but I find it a lot easier to play healer (and I'm just much better at it).

The other roles I haven't really tried, apart from the destoryers I needed to get me Jutty - and I wasn't very good there.

I'm hoping the more I play Dread the better I will be - but its a bit embarrassing to be playing legendary with it so I basically only heal in legendary and only dare tank in Veteran.

What are your experiences in the different roles? I'm guessing some players are just naturals whatever ship they fly, whilst some are like me and only have skill in a few (or one) particular role?

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-158353)

To be fair, that's probably one of the best clan/guild/cult pitches I've ever read.

Awww Blush

What a nice thing to say! You're aces in our book...

I figured out a name: Bun Bun Bombshells

All those in favour? <.<

All those opposed?

The Ayes have it. And the ears... The big soft adorable floppy murderous ears.

i see these guys(or girls, im not sure if it's all guys now) in matches every once in a while. usually in 3 vets, decent players. but they are sooo annoying in chat, i would never join them. they spam match chat with "hail the bun bun" every 10 seconds all match long annoying everyone to the point we just tune them out.

cool logo art tho

** Yikes - I never did that - and at the moment there's no-one else but me in this particular"Bun Bun Cult" cult...

I think the bun bun cult is pretty popular though - and tbh if you just blast painted the 14 acre hull of your dreadnought in impossible pink - wouldn't you want to shout out in a chat channel?

Not that I would >.> I swear on my hot cross buns and hope to die.

Like most of you, I recently painted my Jutland a manic kinda pinky red and declared my allegiance to the Bun Bun Cargo cult.

Cos.... rabbits.

I wonder is there anyone else aiming to misbehave in floppy eared fashion? I have a few ideas for Bun Bun fan fiction, and in the meantime it would be fun to hang with a Bun Bun gang.

Note: >This is not THE bun bun cargo cult (although if that position is available we will gladly take it...)

This is in fact a Bun Bun cargo cult cult - edit formally called: "Bun Bun Bombshells".

Sooo.... Add me in game if you want to join the Bun Bun cult cult.

Y'know. Cos... rabbits. And mayhem.