dreadpony#0823 posted (#post-130106)

Recent patchnotes said that tacticals beam was improved.

In past state tacs were too overpowered, being able to bring down corvettes at any range with just one button. That was too game breaking obviously, so laser beams were improved to solve ship balancing issues.

I've completely lost track if DreadPony is being sarcastic, or trolling, or obsessively pro-vette.

Regardless, I've always assumed the beam tracking issues are down to lag. I have games where I don't feel like I can hit anything, games where the beam doesn't look like it's hitting but I can see the vettes health dropping, and games where the beam seems to do exactly what I want.

I thought the beam "fix" was to help reduce problems where the beam snaps to a friendly ship other than the one you're trying to heal?

Thank You!

I appreciate the hard work the devs are doing, hopefully this time around you'll have more luck with fixing TE.

I do wonder if moving to am pulse instead of the laser would help.

Thanks again.

I have this problem sometimes. If you hit esc to bring up the menu, then hit the resume button, everything seems to work again.

A Flat Earther#9819 posted (#post-129277)

Not that i'm too experienced (I have played only T2 Light Artillery), but wouldn't Siege Mode be better on this ship than Bomb Catapult?

I have played Ballista and Tugarin with Siege too, but they have a long delay between shots, making it hard to land them all, while the Furia seems to be able to fire them all in a fraction of a second, giving it a substantial burst potential

I think (could be wrong) that siege mode only fires forwards which offsets the main advantage of the Nox (360 firing).

Plus, only being able to get kills using modules is pretty un-inspiring.

The strength of the Nox is the 360 firing, but I agree with the DPS as it is at the moment it doesn't really contribute much to the field. I can do more damage with only a slight reduction in maneuverability but a massive buff to survivability using my Vigo.

How about something really crazy and allow it to fit the heavy cloak.

That would fit in with the idea of it being a super mobile stealth sniper. In generally allowing different manufactures to use different modules would really help with the differentiation.

Making it fire automatically, rather than once per click, would help the user experience of playing it alot, but I don't think that would really change how useful it is in game.

Faster reloads would be nice.

I completely agree with Miles, surely removing a ship from a game mode isn't a hard thing to do?

Alternatively, if the issue is with the AM lasers, give the anti missile fighters an anti missile pulse instead.

In addition to not addressing the AM fighter issue, 1.8 has introduced spawn location weirdness. That might have been a 1 off, but I'm not willing to waste time playing TE again to find out.

Er, veteran has always been T2,3 & 4.

I agree it doesn't make sense, but it isn't a change.

Perhaps you've just discovered that if you have all t2s in your recruit fleet you can get dropped into a veteran match, even if you queue for recruit? Keep a t1 in fleet and you should be good.

My initially reaction from playing last night is similar. It really doesn't feel like my elite status is contributing enough to be worth having.

I'd assumed that the system would work out as before, where elite status basically offset the effect of maintenance. I wasn't expecting to make a loss by reactivating battle bonus. The cost of battle bonus seems really high, or the benefit of elite seems too low.

Hopefully we'll see the numbers get tweaked as the devs get data on how it shakes out.

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Not sure what to do with this response? Perhaps you could expand? Have you had a better TE experience than me, or are you agreeing with the issue?

I played a game of TE tonight in the hope that the missile fighter bug had been resolved. Instead I had a game where all the fighters seemed to do insane damage AND both teams spawned randomly around the edges of the map.

I can tell you spawning as a tac cruiser right next to an enemy dread isn't fun.

Again, I'm back to avoiding this game mode at all costs.

Would it be possible to either remove it from the circulation (again) until it's fixed, or at least allow us to exclude a game mode from the "any" selection while still queuing for the other 2 modes.