I can understand that it's difficult to tell if your team has a squad on it or not, I usually have trouble just figuring out if players are human unless they speak... But it's not difficult to see that a game which you solo queued into where the entire enemy team has names starting with "< something >" and your team has no such naming convention - a match that ends with the other team getting at least three times the score your team does - a match that's almost always terratory control with your team getting spawnkilled five minutes in - a match that you've seen many many times before and really wonder if there's any point to playing the game at all...

I lost my train of thought.

If anyone needs me I'll be in the recruit lobby where there aren't professional looking teams.

And I do mean lobby, not a game. Currently at "Searching: 00:49:21".

I'm only able to join the Recruit and Veteran lobbies right now (not Legendary), and let me tell you what I've seen first hand:

Recruit - 12 to 50 minutes in queue before a game starts. Usually 18-25. Game is fun, good spread of players and such.

Veteran - 10-20 seconds in queue. Never more. Games suck - I've done seven and all have been against players with matching clan tags that just sweep the poor saps stuck on the solo queue team.

I can't play Legendary yet, but it seems that lobby is okay. But if you think you can reach it with this barren wasteland / team shutdown in the way... you're a madman.