The current progression system makes way more sense than the previous one. Sure, the module research requirements and prices went up, but you dont have to unlock 2 modules you never going to use just to open a path towards the module the module you want. The skill trees make much more sense now. What is great is that the grind for the officer briefings is much shorter. Instead of wasting xp on the secondary weapon types that you may not need, you can just research the modules that you are going to use anyway and that counts toward the unlock of the OB. Thanks!

Now, hands down, the best part about this patch is the removal of T2 ships from the veteran fleet.
Thank you very much for removing T2 ships from veteran matches!
That should make the game easier for new players at the start and keep the balance more even in veteran games.
Also, thank you for improving anti nuke lasers. Now they are much more usable and you dont need to time them way in advance. This is certainly beneficial for certain playstyles and for artillery cruisers especially.

Some things for you to consider for future updates:
It would be really nice if you guys fixed or reworked the chat system in the game. For a team game, this can have a major impact. When typing in chat during the match it can be interrupted at any moment. In the hangar, if I start typing before queueing, the text I typed gets erased the moment the squad enters the queue or exits, or a new member joins a squad/leaves a squad. I understand that this is beta, however, the chat is just isnt reliable at all. I am sure it may take some work, however, it cant be as complicated to do as, say, program the AI ships in the game.

All in all, Dreadnought is a great game, keep up the good work!

Stock jutland is kinda garbage, I agree (kinda like all stock t4s). Just a big punching bag. After warp4, go straight for the officer briefing that it has. Once you get that, the ship becomes playable. From that point on, it gets even better once you unlock the armorbooster pulse. While you are playing the ship to unlock modules, you should be able to get a hang of how to play it properly.
Oh, one more thing... if you pick it, you better have a healer with you, that's when the ship truly shines.

Oh, my friend, prepare to read a looooong comment.
Out of the 3 types of vettes, fulgora my least favorite. It is kinda boring for me and I dont like the looks of it. To top it off, it is the slowest among the 3 corettes. My first thoughts on the ship were "This thing is useless".
However, it isn't nearly as useless as you may first think. As mentioned previously, this ship does not pack as nearly as much burst as the other 2 corvettes, however, it fires at a 360 degree arc and it is a huge advantage. The default loadout isnt great and it is the least favorite corvette of mine (because its kinda boring for me) but even in default loadout you can make it work. When I was grinding this ship to unlock vindicta, I just substituted autorepair with afterburner and thats was enough to make the ship the best kite you can make out of a T3 ship.
Basically, think of it as a destroyer with much survivability. This ship isn't great at bursting targets down, however, it is great for providing support fire and finishing off low hp opponents, as well as countering other vettes once you get used to the projectile speed (which isnt that bad tbh). I found that it works best when you just kite opponents with it. Dont count on bursting anyone, just fly circles around them, and believe me, they will hate you for harassing them. You may not always get a kill if your enemy is defending well, but you surely will put out at least 1 enemy out of the fight if you continue to annoy them with your attacks (provided you don't die). For organized teamplay, oberon corvettes are most widely used.
The decision of what modules to use is up to you, but the best and most overpowered module you can use on any corvette is disruptor pulse. The damage is negligible but it provides tremendous utility for you and your team. For 8 seconds (T3 disruptor pulse) you can make any ship nearly helpless(unless they have the raw firepower to kill you within that time and you let them). Disruptor pulse can disable any module on multiple ships at once if they are clustered together within 1.2km of each other(usually a dread and his healer). When combined with your drain torpedo, you leave your target completely defenseless for 8 seconds(T3 lvl modules). This is enough to kill any ship if your team is focused on them(unless they are getting healed well, of course) or anything short of a dreadnought that isnt killing you faster (T4 destroyers within effective range of their flak turrets (800m)). You can reliably kill 1 enemy per minute provided that you are not getting killed yourself and they do not see you coming. The enemies I am talking about are artillery cruisers, which should always be your primary target, since they have the most difficult time killing you. You can also try healing busy tactical cruisers, however, they are much harder to bring down due to their better defenses as well as their positioning close to their teammates (unless they are performing very poorly or had an unlucky spawn away from their team).
You have to have a predator mindset when you are in a vette. You must avoid facing enemies head on and wait for an opportunity to strike. Most importantly, THERE IS LITTLE A VETTE CAN DO IF YOU SEE IT COMING no matter how great your dps is. If your team is giving your opponents a real pounding and the opposition is focused on keeping themselves alive instead of looking for targets to kill, then you are in luck and you will have plenty opportunities to kill someone that is unaware of your presence or finish several opponents off. This is not always a case, however, and here is the best part about fulgora (and all oberon corvettes). You don't need to fire while being stationary and can provide some dps on the move while avoiding fire yourself (this is where 360 degree firing arc comes in handy). Combine that with disruptor+drain flybys and you may find yourself actually helping the team bring down an enemy dread. I don't promise you any kills here, but draining and disrupting a dread is great help, since you are creating a weakness in the team's strongest link and create an opportunity for a kill (or at least an opportunity for better positioning if the dread manages to retreat instead of getting killed while under your debuffs).
Another advantage of the 360 degree firing arc is that you can actually play this vette defensively. You can kite other vettes and harass them away from your healers and artillery. Say and enemy team has 1 vette that is constantly trying to flank your team. That's where you come in, give him a hard time, keep your team safe (not always good for your score, but can be the difference between winning and losing a match). If the enemies are to stubborn and still go for your arties, you can go ahead and kill them when they get too close.

To sum it all up, your main purpose is to disrupt the enemy and prey on the weak, be it to provide a little dps to finish off enemy dread that your team tries so hard to kill or go for that arty in the back of nowhere that is firing on your dreads and destroyers (mb even sneak up on their healer if there is an opportunity to do so without dying before you get him).
Forget the burst, you kite and kill your enemy more gradually than other vettes, think of it as a duel (but dont forget to watch your surroundings for more enemies). You can also just fly strafe runs around the enemy without putting yourself in too much danger, harassment is always annoying to the enemy and you may actually be able to shift their focus on you instead of focusing on your dread. Provided that you have an ability to escape, its perfectly fine to distract the enemy so your team can make a move on them. Think of yourself as a squishier and more mobile close quarters destroyer with corvette modules.

Advantages of fulgora when compared to other classes of vettes:
-360 degree firing arc!
-fastest turning speed
-ability to provide support fire on the move without penalizing the accuracy of your shots (once you get used to the main guns)

Disadvantages of fulgora when compare to other classes of vettes:
-Much less burst damage(enemy may react and activate their shields before you kill them, which leads to greater time to kill and greater chance to die for you)
-Slowest travel speed (especially when you dont set power to engines)
-low projectile speed on the main guns(can be hard to hit moving targets, lots of practice is needed to compensate for this)

Remember, it is possible to go on crazy streaks with any vettes once you get good with the ships. If get 10+kills and 2< deaths while being in a vette the whole game, means you are able to perform descently in a vette. If you manage not to die at all and get at least 5 kills in a match, you are on the right track. Try going on streaks in recruit matches to get a hang of the mindset you need to have when playing a vette (pret on the weak, seek opportunities for kills and execute them with precision).
Oh, and forget power to weapons with fulgora, most of the time it is not worth it to remain nearly immobile after you kill someone, power to engines is the way to go with this ship.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

DazeyDream#8834 posted (#post-161677)

Im not saying nerf the vind, just lower its top speed and raise its health or damage, to make it less of a corvette and more of a destroyer.

Lol. Vindi's speed and maneuverability is what makes her unique. If you raise her damage, then she will become really overpowered. With the right modules she destroys any ships smaller than her at close range pretty fast.

If you take Blud, for example, with her high HP that ship is pretty much a dreadnought with the modules of a destroyer and a much higher damage output at close range (at the cost of dread's exceptional survivability, of course).

Or take Gravis, for example, that dread has low hp but pretty much the same mobility as Vigo and its main guns dish out quite a bit of damage(especially for a dreadnought). I see that ship as a destroyer with dreadnought modules. smile

When comparing Vindicta to vettes, besides the fact that she is a little slower, she also has a pretty large hit box which makes it easier to notice her and to land shots on her. This means arties have absolutely no problem taking down a Vindicta that is out of positon, she is a destroyer after all. smile

Destroyers and vettes are my 2 favorite classes.

Been playing for almost a month now. Got rank 26 today.

I can say I'm pretty good with the heavy vette. Kreshnik(T3 heavy vette) very under-performing compared to Machias(T3 light vette). It took some hard lessons to learn how to handle a heavy vette as well as some time to unlock a Stribog(T4 heavy vette). However, it was definitely worth it. Stribog is my favorite ship and she is a beast! smile Its turning speed sucks, but with the right modules(most of which I have), I can 1v1 a light dreadnought without a problem. Storm missiles and vindictas can be a problem, though, as well as skilled Valcour pilots.

I play with all 3 types of vettes and do well, but my preference is the heavy one.

Being good with vettes is all about picking your battles. Sometimes, though, enemy team(especially their healers) is actually paying attention and sticking together. Unless my team can manage to do the same and move as a fleet, there is little I can do in a vette.

Khronos8#1962 posted (#post-158500)

Captain Nemo: why go with arty pod Aion? I love my purge beam too much to even try anything else.

Especially when some healer has nothing better to do than use a purge beam. smile

Nothing induces rage in vette pilots like a purge beam ))

I also enjoy Vigo destroyer. Weaponbooster+weapon amp module ftw. The damage output is just crazy with this combo if you manage to land your shots on target. Also, I got storms for anyone who gets too close smile. Can't wait to unlock Vindicta, I suspect it will become my second favorite ship after Stribog.

I don't play arties much, but can do fine with them.

Got less than half an hour of gameplay on tac cruisers. I can do well on them in recruit matches, but I only have the Orcus (T2) and Cerberus (T1). Tried healing on a T2 in a veteran match... meh, did not go well. Did not bother to purchase T3 tacs since healing is kinda boring for me in this game. I am an agressive player.

Overall, I can do well with any class, although how well I perform in a tac or a dread is dependent on my team whether I like that or not. This is why vettes are my favorite class. Deadly and independent. smile

HepTagoN#7086 posted (#post-153564)

ARE YOU BUFFING VETTES???????????????????????????? ARE YOU NUTS?????????????????????????????????????????????


You know what? meaby all this hassle is because developers and couple of players lives near servers or sth. Meaby this whole thing is ping related. So you guys dont have problem with hitting vette or sth. I dont know. But buffing vettes, especially light one is SICK.

T3 vettes buff actually makes sense. Especially the Kreshnik(heavy vette does deserve a buff) Kreshnik has quite a hitbox for a vette and is a piece of cake to hit because it is not very mobile The extra range gives time for 1 extra shot before you get dangerously close (in case you hit and run) to your enemy and it gives you room to adjust a more optimal escape route since you do not need to get too close to your enemy. Very nice buff!

As a frequent vette player, I noticed that it usually is quite hard to get a kill on t4 ships in veteran matches, even art cruisers (which vettes are meant to hard counter). T3 vettes' damage is not high enough to burst someone down quickly (assuming your enemy is paying attention and raises shields in time). In addition, T3s don't have access to some modules that make them perform at their best (heavy cloak, armor amp, etc.) The extra range should at least improve their survivability assuming they are staying at these greater ranges. With the right modules, every class is able to take down a vette, a skilled vette player knows how and when to escape to fight another day.

I do, however, agree that light vette (Machias) did not really need a buff, because light vettes were performing well already, and arguably better than the other 2 types because of their higher burst damage and MUCH greater mobility extra range does not make that much of a difference for them IMO.

Regarding the range increases on other T3 classes, I think it is a great change. By giving a slight edge to T3s it should make transition to T4 class faster, and as a result, there will be more players with legendary fleets sooner. Thanks to devs for the buff.

There were comments above on how it is pointless to get a T4 if a T3 has greater effective range. IMO that is ridiculous. T4 ships have some superior modules that T3s dont have and they have greater damage. As long as they get closer to T3s (and they sure can, Vindicta, for instance) they destroy lower class ships because of T4s' greater damage and survivability.

As for snipers, IMO, it also makes sense to give them a range buff. They don't deal full damage at max range anyway and since they don't kill as fast at max ranges, there is more time to get to cover where they will not damage you at all. Unless the enemy is completely stationary, you will not get a kill as a sniper at max range.

As for the exp and score separation, I don't really understand it. On one hand, it helps you level as you are getting started or in case you don't have a great match. I guess it makes the grind even for everyone, newer and less skilled players may benefit. However, it takes out the rewards for exceptional performance in games and makes the grind longer for players who are able to consistently get a higher than average score and top the leaderboards..

In conclusion, thank you for a great game!!! Overall, its awesome! =)