I purchesed two of the black market bundles and they are not showing up anywhere in my hanger. forgot where to submit a ticket

So sent a video on twitter even if it bugged out it wont work for the contests or will it?

Atleast i could try and win the grand prize for PC but how can we do that if havoc keeps doing this DN gods??

If we cant even beat wave 12 how are we even going to win?

So youre telling me that i invested over 500 hours into the ps4 and transfer my progress? I dont care about the playstation exclusives

Well what if i dont have the scoreboard but have the gameplay of wave 13? I could try and get it if i really have to

Alright thanks for the response, ill try and stream more

Heres the proof

Does anyone know how long this will last?

Saw a event with havoc mode. So i was wondering if they fixed it yet?? My team and I want to get past wave 12