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Fantastic write up pretty much on point with everything I wanted to say so since you beat me to it I will just give you props.

Its a known bug I opened at ticket about it the day 2.0 progression went live their response was "watch the forums and social media for updates" been totally dark beyond that.

DN_EmptyTuxedo#3505 posted (#post-53044)

Hey Burnsey, just following up on this thread. Any more issues with your items not being visible?

Speaking of follow ups how about the missing T2 hero ships been nearly a week with no information other than "keep watching our social media for updates" I'm also a software developer so I understand sometimes you just don't have answers but a less knowledgeable consumer might be looking awful hard at their charge back options with this communication breakdown swirling around.

Jeslis#8939 posted (#post-53133)


T3+ ships should NEVER be in the T1-2 bracket. Ever.

Agreed this has been posted repeatedly all over the forums. We've done all we can. I'm just playing whatever I feel like from now on while quietly waiting to see if the devs listen to the feedback or let the project fall apart by shoehorning it in a niche direction that is already bordering over saturation (War Thunder, WoT, WoWS, etc.).

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I don't have too much experience with abused exploits, but if you're whining about one-shot-kills stay away. The tier system you love so much has brought those in spades. Legitimate, built-in spades.


I find myself still playing in spite of this but purely because of the train wreck you can't look away from syndrome.

Survii#8019 posted (#post-53019)

Or make the game "NOT-FREE" and remove the grind entirely?

Yes thats what I vote for

I'm clearly ok with that I already dropped $40 on the Merc pack

I believe they said you'll get it at launch till then you have to spend GP to get elite status

QuePan#1326 posted (#post-53003)

the only time i seem to get quick matches is during live streams outside of that the times very from 5min to up to 10 - 15 mins , which is a little much for my amount of time i can spend playing .

Try having only 2 or 3 of the ships you like/are progressing on in your fleet at a time see if that helps. I usually run 3 ships only and very rarely have queue times above 3-5 minutes. I don't know for certain if this affects matchmaking perhaps a dev can comment but from my own anecdotal experience it does seem to have a minor impact.

Not going to hold my breath on this idea but it would be nice to have something to fool around with while waiting on queue to pop. Especially if they fix the matchmaking and are worried about too long queue times.

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Either by making it significantly simpler to advance, or by making it ingame worthy to play as lower tier ships. I would suggest giving tier two ships secondary turrets, or by giving significant bonuses for killing higher tiers, with lower tier ships.

Perhaps a two prong approach would inch things closer to a smoother experience. In this tiered system the queues need hard caps T1-2 for Recruit, T3-4 for Veteran and T4-5 for Legendary. Then instead of mixing the queues to alleviate wait times for the upper tiers lower the bar to advancement. As it stands now I refuse to play my Veteran fleet because I don't want to get put against T1-2 and ruin their chance at having a balanced enjoyable experience. I feel that upping the rewards for a T1-2 killing a T4 is not a viable solution because one of the times I was playing my T4 Trident I got placed in Recruit even though I queued for Veteran and I could literally tank 4 T2 ships at once with no support which means none of the T1 ships have any chance at taking down that ship.

Just a footnote to put this patch into perspective, I got invited to closed beta about 1 week before the servers went down for 2.0 progression patch. I was so impressed with the game less than 48 hrs later I dropped $40 for the Merc pack so I could also bring my friends in on the game. Now as of writing this I have extreme buyer's remorse and will never opt in to another unfinished product no matter how much I love the concept and want the game to succeed this isn't the first time I've been burnt (looking at you Red 5) but it will definitely be the last.

PS: I still have hopes that this game can turn out great but there is a fine line the devs need to walk to do this and they need to take into account all of the feedback and not discredit extremely critical opinions.