Shrugs shoulders

I find myself using the target calling method from FCing in Eve Online comes in handy in dreadnought. You know, when you call primary and secondary targets over and over again heh.

I love double creme brie that's been dropped to room temperature. Now that's some good cheese!

Sees dreadnoughts at 30% hull and starts to spool up their warp drive.

Shouts out, "spread points!"

Realizes the term and module does not apply to game.

Has sad as dread warps away.

Fellow capsuleer here as well!

"Trust in the rust!"

Swoon! I used to play BSGO when it was first released. I was apart of SDF. Good to know that the game is still going on.

Trust in the rust!

Didn't get to play Dust514 but I am a long time Eve Online player (well...from 2011).

I've been fighting for the Minmatar Faction Warfare among other business prospects out there.

NorCal?! Captain, you sir hail from the territories that I have sworn to burn to ash. I am the champion captain of SoCal. I shall meet you on the field of honor to test your mettle!

That out of the way, hope you enjoy the game!