Guyz, these are only our wishes... If any of the DEVs read that everyone would happy. Let's hope they do so!

Nah... with a proper support artillary will die instantly... ok, an open space with some rocks around. Personaly, I would like to see a spawn instance before mission as a match map. The view of the planet downwards is awesome!

Please,we want space maps!

Two thumbs UP!!! Great post!

There are so many options with space maps but DEVs make us crawling down the planet.

Examples are:

  1. Orbital station (or stations);

  2. Space debris;

  3. Abandoned spaceyards;

  4. Just an Open space (like an open Ocean ,ap in the World of Warships);

  5. Asteriods belts;

Look at that "StarConflict" - plenty of space maps and Dreadnoughts also.

Would be great to see some real space stuff here

PS: Personally, I find it stupid - huge ships flying in the atmosphere.