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It wouldn't be such a hard change for them to immediately throw you into the ship select screen instead of defaulting you to a ship. It's a small change, but it could make a big difference for the new players.

Right, its not so much that people wont pick up where all the menu's and instructions are, they will given time. But its a - potentially - quick change that could avoid some initial frustration, especially so when there is so much going on at an event like PAX, and where the goal of the demos' are to get players quickly acclimated and amped to play the game.

I also don't think they should do away with the warp-in animation. That really does a good job of getting you excited for the match.

What you want more info... fine.

I'm a dork that enjoys space... and ships. Spaceships are even better. My fondness for space is pretty standard in terms of origins. You know, Star Wars, Star Trek, all that good stuff. But the one that really made me enjoy space sci-fi's was a little game called Homeworld. Well little before the Remastered Edition but I'm not pimping that here... sort of.

Star trek: StarFleet Command as also the nutz...

Anyways, Hi all!!

I’m so glad I went to PAX East and bothered to actually wait in line - something I try to avoid - for the Grey Box’s booth that showcased Dreadnought. I have to give them some serious credit. They brought the right amount of equipment for demoing that game and were able to cycle people through the demo lines very quickly. 30 min wait is not too shabby for how long the lines got… good work.

My previous experience with the game was simply watching the game from other videos as the youtube/video host went about the game. Bizarrely half the videos I’ve seen by journalists missed the ship select option as you jump into the staging area, seemingly resigned to the fate of being forced into a ship at random, leaving me with one raised eyebrow pondering why they haven’t looked at the bottom of screen and noticed the big “press ‘c’ to select" button in bright orange. I assumed the host was listening to the dev’s and had their attention split.

However, while anxiously selecting ships in giddyness for my hands-on desire to blow up ships in a ship to be fulfilled, I overheard someone in the booth say, “I guess we just use the ship that we loaded in with”. I knew immediately what that person meant and quickly showed my teammates how to select your ship of choice, and it made me realize, “the placement of the menu seems to go by some players.”

I’m a sucker for slick UI, and I think that what they have is really cool, its just the placement of the UI for the games staging area doesn't draw everyone's eyes down to read it all the time, resulting in some people thinking they lack a ship select option until its too late.

The ships also look really cool, so there is that too…

It might be worth having some kind of action for the UI - either blinking on to the screen after the initial warp-in animation for the staging area, or having the ship select appear automatically - (i personally think the former option is cleaner as the point is to inform the player of the option, not to shove it in their face) so that the player has their eye's drawn to the very important ship selection command, and as a result never feeling like they’re not in control, and can focus more on blowing other ships out of the

Obviously I'm no Dev so they could very well have a better solution in mind but hey, I'd figure I'd throw in my one and a half cent...

...I couldn't find the other half...