This coating looks awesome, but looks like it works properly only with Oberon ships.

Or the problem is in my settings?

In such games, IMHO the best customization system I saw was in Warframe.

It's so funny and strange, when you say:

"I want visuals from hero ships. Will they available again?"

And people suggest you to buy gold and elite status.

Nice understanding, guys...

Mordgier#7363 posted (#post-108890)

There is little reason to own the hero ships - they do not earn any more income like "Premium" tanks did in World of Tanks - so really all you get is a ship you cannot customize that ends up being a gold sink as you need to convert the XP it earns into free XP to be usable.

You are better off buying gold and spending it on free xp and credits. I regret my hero ship purchase.

As I said, I'm interested only in visuals from hero ships.))

Hey there. So, my question is about hero ships and packs, that were available earlier.

My friend invited me in closed beta. There were two founders packs the big one and the small one: Hunter and Mercenary. So. I thought: "I should play the game a bit, If I'll like it, I'll buy one of those packs." (As I always do)

And ATM, I understand, that I like the game and will play it for a long time. And I want Mercenary pack, cuz I also like those visuals of hero ships.

BUT. Now game is in open beta and they are not available. smile

So, my question is: will they available again? Or, at least, will those ships available in the in-game market?

Hope, that they will...


ItsGary#1520 posted (#post-108497)

Coatings are applied to a single ships tech tree line. If you buy a coating for the first Akula vector artillery ship it will be available on every Akula Vector Artilliery Ship. Some paint schemes are unlocked when you unlock another ship and also having any of the special ships from packs unlocks colours.

I know all of that. And understand all of that and how it works, the question is about that specific coating. Cuz, I wasn't buy it alone, I can't find it in the list of coatings in appearance menu, I don't think, that it is a part of Yamshick Corp Bundle (The bundle is grey and this coating is orange) and, finally it appeared only for one line (not as a part of bundle, I suppose).


I was in thoughts to purchase Yamshick Corporation Coating Bundle, but when I choose it in market, I wasn't able to see, how it fits my ships (as I see it in appearance/coating menu) so, I've clicked the button with price and... Sure, I've bought it.

Now I have two questions.

  1. Can I cancel this purchase?

  2. Now I have Engineer's Dark Coating, but only for Akula Vector Artillery Cruisers line. What is this coating, where did I get it, and why it's only for Akula's Arty line?

Thanks for help. =*

Why I'm not in the topic? XD

Was sick for several days and it slows me down, as a train in the face. But, finally:

JotunFrost (Ohta/Tactical cruiser)

I've been changed forecastle, hull and stern on my Ohta, to see, how it will be with only bridge. OK. But I tried to put default customization back. And... Where is my default customization details???

I saw on the forum, that same things happenes with default coatings.

What's wrong with this "customization"?

Would be there any compensation due to the credit problem?

Shouldn't fully researched ship receive 10% credit bonus just as xp bonus? I saw this information in one topic here. Looks like it doesn't work.