I have been watching this game for over 2 years. I was on the grey goo forums shouting at greybox that they needed a Dreadnought forums before there was one. I am the quiet one in the crowd, the silent hunter, the spider in the web patiently waiting. I do not post to see my post count go up but I am ALWAYS watching.

I understand. ..I really do. I just was hoping for better news.

Ionenkanone#1226 posted (#post-3310)

I would like to get some cool new informations about ships or somthing along this line so we have somthing to ramble about.

Just somthing that is not an concept art or a downtime news.

Looking forward to the game though

Chipinators has put together some good intell on the game and ships if you havent seen it.

Noctis#4716 posted (#post-3241)

I have this baby, can i play dreadnought with it? Guys?

LOL is that W.O.P.R. from War Games?

Battlestar Galactica and Captain Malcolm Reynolds

I am truly amazed as all the single post people popping up in this thread. And the handful of people with hundreds of posts not here at all in the first five pages and counting.

nwood#2177 posted (#post-3017)

Apart from various bug fixing, today I built a 1:1000th map of Jupiter and the Galilean moons. It's for referencing :)

This post right after the pic of the doughnut hole astroid shows up. Interesting timing ;)

Dark_Fox_#1657 posted (#post-3019)

I have been working on new vanity items and cleaning up some smaller visual errors on the ships and abilities.

Vanity items: fuzzy dice and roasted chickens!

But seriously, thanks for popping in and posting gentleman.

I think a live stream would be too involved and take more time than they need to put twards an update thread. One person could potentially take care of writing a summary of what was happening on a particular week or month.

I think my campaign is set on ultra difficult. No fast travel, can't win against the wife aggro and if I didn't know better I would sware I picked up a virus that is eating away at my hard drive.

Good idea. Similar to the Developer update on the Star Citizen site. And yes, it would spark to talk on the boards. Thumbs up Cosmic.