adamxy there are quite good number of reasons why post is not visible:

Bug in software and your post became invisible

Accidental deletion by admin

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* etc

I did read you post and personally I don't see any reason to delete it. There were much worse comments and they still there.

Feels like I'm playing different game. Except resolution reset on start I don't experience much issues. Once it stops on loading match but except that I was able to play like 20 - 30 games and everything is smooth. No crashes, no lags. And I'm playing on Intel i3 3.1 Ghz on nVidia GT 640 1GB and I'm playing 2560*1600 resolution. I had to lower settings but in general it plays very nice.

I played only 3 games so far and here is my feedback:


I like new crosshair

Text on ships and on HUDmuch easier to read but in other places it looks blurry. Maybe because I changed resolution in game without restart.

Looks like it became slightly faster. My i3 and ancient video card now got 31 fps on 2560x1600 resolution. Before I got 25 fps.

I like playing healer and XP for Team Deathmatch is raised from 8 to 10. Great.


After I applied patch resolution did reset to default. I changed it back. Next day I started game second time and it changed resolution again to 25601440. I had to change to proper one again. I will check soon if it changes again.

Text and textures looks blurry. It is not quality issue, just it feels like something in your eye.

After I selected ship and press Space I cannot see loadout of my teammates anymore. Previously I was checking loadout of everyship while waiting for jump.

Old issues

I cannot see my own weapons when I press X on orbit.

After match finished I kind of curious how much I got and I had to wait like 10 - 20 seconds just to see full numbers. Can you just show everything like table? So I can see and quit and start another game.

I suggest to remove cooldown on veteran matches. Now I play one game, wait 10 minutes and play another one because you get much better outcome for your time. But it also reducing amount of playing playing.

Spawn is very bad. Today we started game and enemy dread was spawned like 2000 meters from us. Well he didn't live long. It was beginning of game (within first 10 seconds). Also I started match and was spawned behind enemy. And I was healer. Luckily everybody was busy so I managed to escape. Again it was beginning of match. Like 5 seconds from beginning. During game it is the equally bad. I would say around 30% of my deaths are while I trying to join my team. It is very nice when you spawn alone and enemy corvette is in 3000 meters from you.

* Well looks like everybody complains about corvettes. Today there were 3 dreads and 1 one destroyer and healer between them. Enemy corvette just arrived to the middle of us stopped and killed healer. It took like 3 - 5 seconds of stand still pretty much while everybody shooting corvette. He did fly away. And he repeat it few times. I think something is wrong here. I understand that corvette should be fast and deadly but when it stops it should die very quickly.

I'm not sure but perhaps we should rename Megathead -> Megathread

Guys please make game mode selection as checkboxes. So I can say can select Death match or Team Elimination.

Right now it is really hard to join Team Elimination because it is required people specifically selecting it. Most people don't read what's new.