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Every class is available from T-2. Just do another tech tree. To say you want this SPECIFIC ship from this SPECIFIC line but it's at T-4 and that's BS is pretty ridiculous. There's no consequence to going up multiple lines at once, as long as you're not doing two of the same ship class from different lines (then you have to buy each module you want twice). You want healers but don't want to wait till T4 just to get the one (frankly overpowered) Akula ship? Play Oberon. You want destroyers but don't want to wait till T4 to get the Vindicta? Play Jupiter Arms. The differences between them are not massive. It's speed, health and primary weapon. If that's just waaaay too much to ask for you, then you might just be a bit too difficult to please.

Also, this whoooole progression system is still very new. Balance changes will be made constantly. Frankly, balance is very good given how fresh out of a major overhaul everything is. Ever played Tanks or War Thunder? This game's balancing is agodlike compared to either of those, and both of those are far older and have had far more time to adjust (point is Dreadnought does pretty well for balancing). The Dola (I don't have experience flying it but I see it more often than most ships at T3/4 so I doubt it's actually "simply frustrating and wasted" but that aside) might be bad now but if that's the case it will in all likelihood be adjusted soon.

Sidenote: I play the Fulgora all the time. It's my favourite ship so far and I do really well with it. It's pretty slow for a corvette but it's really strong when equipped with the right loadout. I use Blink Warp, Drain Torpedoes, Autoguns, and Afterburner. It might be the speed that other players have an issue with but I enjoy the ship a lot.

Really? It only happens to me now a couple times a day, and never for long. As long as you're not exaggerating your problem here and have tried more than twice you might want to contact support- you might be having more issues than just the server crashes.

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so this means everyone is getting a refund of their GP they had to spend on credits right because this is a game breaking mistake so bad that the players you have invited to the game leave and dont play the game anymore. can we submit tickets to have you people fund us credits to buy the things we have unlocked?

This is the person I'm referring to, demanding a GOLD refund for the willing transactions he/she made.

Players will be compensated XP/credits for the server crashes and the like preventing their income, yes. That I agree with. Elite time being lost during such outages will also be compensated. That, too, I agree with. What I'm saying is that people who bought gold because they were frustrated at the low credit income are responsible for that purchase. You can't expect a refund for that. Regardless of the cause of that purchase it was the buyer who chose to make it under no pressure. In-game compensation of credits to make up for the losses caused by the bug? Sure, I obviously wouldn't mind that but that's not what the person was asking. You choosing to buy gold and then choosing to convert it is on you, and when you did that you got exactly what was offered. There was no loss in the conversion, there was no scamming of any sort. It was simply a purchase that seemed more appealing due to relatively low in-game credit revenue.

Am I saying they won't do it and that it's the WORST idea ever? No, the devs will do what the devs want. What I'm saying is it's not owed and so don't get your hopes up for a gold refund. Credits are the issue here, not gold. The person to whom I am referring here was expecting a gold refund for the conversions made, which is not the same as receiving additional credits to recoup the losses.

I doubt there's anything I can say to assuage your particular strand of rage so I'm going to leave you to a dev. Don't expect too much better, dude. Good luck.

All right I mean sure you're angry but chill. A, the game is pretty well balanced. Not perfectly, but given how new the system is it's pretty good. B, for a closed beta game, it is surprisingly unbuggy and most bugs that are out there are just with the UI. C, they can't "return" those XP and credits because they have no way of knowing how much people lost. They can compensate people (which they have said they will do) but it won't be exact. D, the server issues aren't their fault. Sh*t happens, especially to (relatively) small server-based games such as this. Servers have never been a particularly easy to work with piece of hardware and I'm sure the devs are doing their best to fix it; they have nothing to gain by being "lazy", they're a damned business.

Yeah they don't owe anyone a refund for credits bought (elite time? Sure. Server instability has made people lose that unfairly). Even if people have been "screwed" by this bug, it was still your choice to buy credits, and you did get exactly what you paid for. The deal was as offered, there was just another circumstance which you felt drove you to it. It was still your choice to buy, and you got exactly what was offered in return.

Even if this were in real life, IE outside of a video game, people wouldn't be offered a return. It simply isn't owed, neither logically nor legally.

Being able to earn gold is always nice, even if only in small amounts. That's one reason I stuck around in tanks- through events I could make enough gold to buy some skins here and there or be able to retrain a couple crew members once in a while. Once I started doing tournaments I was able to buy entire premium tanks (though I do think tourney payout was a bit excessive. In one go of a non-broadcast tourney we made ~$200 of ingame content, somehow. Per player on a team of 6). I also think it encourages some players to buy gold, once they have a small taste of how nice those benefits are but don't have enough to do a lot with what they get for free.

I'm at T-3 right now. I have all 4 Oberon T3s and I've fully upgraded all of them. I make significant contributions to almost all of my games, and I pick my ship based on what's needed for the team. If you progress like that, sure it takes a while to make it to T4 (it will be much faster once they fix income bugs, at least), but it's much more fun and less monotonous. The difference between T4, while certainly noticeable, is nowhere near large enough to make T3 feel irrelevant when you're moving through it. I would like to have a couple more customization options for T3 but it's not a huge deal.

If you try to do nothing but power-grind through one line without even upgrading your ships fully, then of course you'll get bored. You'll be playing uncustomized, underpowered ships constantly with the same playstyle every game for days, if not weeks. Split up the grind and upgrade your ships and you'll have a lot more fun. After 30 hours of non-premium game time I'm now almost at the Vindicta. The grinding is nowhere near as bad as it could be, and it will only get better with future adjustments.

Maybe make a sensitivity option for the energy wheel? Different people may like it different.

What I'm saying is that before they can devote a large portion of manpower to those kinds of features, they need to first smooth out Progression 2.0. I think the angst being caused by that is causing more people to leave than a lack of other enticing stuff; it should be priority one. Hopefully it doesn't take too long, though. All that being said I don't speak for the devs. I don't know their plans.