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The game still is in closed beta, and right now working out the kinks in Progression 2.0 is their priority and may be for a little while. I do hope the devs are formulating ideas for things like this but it may be a little while before those become a priority. Gameplay, while not everything, comes first, and second to that is progression. Once those have been tuned to the devs' satisfaction then no doubt features like this will come along.

I know that when I'm trying to select something in a hurry on the wheel, it often doesn't work. It's hard to tell what the exact issue there is, but either the wheel requires too much time to open up/become responsive, or it requires that you move the mouse too much to activate the desired function. Usually, it happens when I'm trying to shield (the most important to activate in a hurry, most of the time). Basically, if the wheel were more responsive when used for just a second, that would have saved my neck more than a few times.

Update- I've noticed this issue with the communication wheel as well (normally when I'm trying to ping corvettes for destruction or ask for healing).

Also, a smaller issue, the indicator for energy consumption (whether weapons, shield, or thrust; I think it's usually thrust) doesn't always line up correctly. Sometimes when I'm speed boosting, power is dropping normally but there's no speed boost indicator. Other times, the indicator will be lit up but no effect/energy consumption is actually active.

Finally, scrambler status effect disables energy wheel use (not sure if that's intended, though).

I personally can't recall the described bug, with the wrong selection being made. These are the only energy-wheel related bugs I know of.

The emotes we're referring to are meant for post game, to be used by captains in that scoreboard lineup. Yes, that one will take a bit of work but I have no doubt there would be a positive return on investment. Also, if anyone didn't catch my update earlier, I'll put it here:

Also: How about we avoid trying to shut down other people's ideas on this thread? I realise I'm one of (if not the) greatest culprits in this. It doesn't help anybody, just discourages people from putting up their ideas. The thing we want to do here is give all our ideas out for the devs to see and hopefully take some inspiration from.

Constructive feedback=good, "I think this is a bad idea"=bad. Basically the same guidelines I like to bring up for talking about the game itself. I plan to do this in the future and I hope everyone else does, too.

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An endlessly expanding grind that gets longer with every new item the devs add in will NOT mean an unbalanced game where you can'y play competitively, IF IT'S DONE RIGHT.

Look I've played games competitively (with many others whom I know would agree with me here) and I know that if the meta keeps changing, nobody is happy. Adding unending grinds will just make it more frustrating. Eventually, people will stop caring. That would just seem like far more of a money grab than the current system, to me. It makes comp play too subject to change and again, either FORCES people to spend time grinding before they can again play comp, or spend money to advance. Once you get to comp tier, you should never have to get there again because it got moved up. Getting new ships at the same level is fine, as you still have your others, but having to get to a whole new tier would be unacceptable to many of the more casual comp player.

All right fair enough- I was unnecessarily harsh. I've been in a pi$$y mood later on today, so I apologize for being hostile. I did mean when I said that your system(s) have merit, but I still don't think that it can stand alone. Now I could be wrong, but I don't think it will encourage enough players to spend. And I still stand by emotes/voice lines- it's not like a HUGE deal, but it's both easy to implement and I believe will have some positive results. Again, I am sorry for being hostile. I've fallen into a bit of a habit of assuming people are just bashing the system, which is really easy to do when you're also in a **** mood.

Also, again, remember that grinding will be significantly easier in the near future once they fix the income bug and make the tweaks to maintenance (hopefully. They've said they're looking at it so I hope it turns out well.). That will go a significant way to making the current system less unappealing.

Also: How about we avoid trying to shut down other people's ideas on this thread? I realise I'm one of (if not the) greatest culprits in this. It doesn't help anybody, just discourages people from putting up their ideas. The thing we want to do here is give all our ideas out for the devs to see and hopefully take some inspiration from.

They. Won't. Get. Rid. Of. Progression. They. Have. Been. Clear. On. That. They know where they want to take their game, and are adjusting things to optimize that vision constantly. For one, grinding is about to become much faster as they are correcting a bug that reduced credit income for everyone above T1. They've also said they are looking into reworking maintenance. Again, saying the system sucks DOES NOT HELP. And also, by the logic of people who grind to the top being better than people who buy their way there, then in an all-is-equal system every new player is liable to be matched with the longest-standing veterans. It's a simple fact of online video games. At least Dreadnought isn't hard to learn- it's pretty easy to grasp (or at least it was for me).

Also, I might add, some very successful games have much harder grind walls. Ever played WoT (or even War Thunder)? I did for years, and Dreadnought is a cakewalk compared to that grinding, even with the obvious issues (which, I say AGAIN, they are working on correcting).

If they were making enough money to keep the game afloat in the previous no-tier model, they'd have stuck with that model. However, a keep-everybody-happy-and-fun model is not the best way to make a profit on a game under development. If they saw a way to monetize the game sufficiently without instituting a progression system (which they already knew was not a popular idea), they'd have done it. I think we can be reasonably sure that they know what is necessary for the game better than the players. We might know what's fun, but they know what's necessary. For the last time, SAYING PROGRESSION 2.0 IS TERRIBLE AND DEMANDING A TOTAL OVERHAUL IS NOT REASONABLE. This thread is supposed to be constructive, not another useless thread with people bashing the game. It's been going pretty well thus far; can we keep it that way, please?

At the very least, if people insist on arguing this same point for the quintilionth time, can you open a new forum? I already feel bad polluting this one with this.

It happens when the servers crash- you'll notice that every time it happens, you won't be able to find another match and you'll get kicked off the server ~10 minutes later. It just happened to me, now. Should stop when the servers are fixed, maybe they'll do some type of reimbursement.

Try reinstalling the launcher? I don't know but it might help. Also check the settings to see if there's something wonky. Wish I could be more help =p If you can't get it to work try contacting support

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I came from similar project "Star Conflict" because i hate pay-to-win. And i hate GRIND.

and my opinion - i prefer to pay month payment for full content


should be free account with limited content(without grind). For example special side of lore or special force like "zerlings".

The progression system is going to stay-the devs have been quite clear on that. For this to remain a free-to-play game, they need a strong monetization model and this is what they've chosen. The current model is open to adjustment and tweaking, and will no doubt be optimized, but they are not going to change their entire business model after what was likely a multi-million investment in the months-long development of said model.

Asking them to change everything to an entirely new system (or even revert to the old one) is simply unreasonable, as I've said before. To help the game become as good as it can we need to give our thoughts on how to best adjust what is already here.

I totally agree with Jawayne-there needs to be a consistent top level to the game in order to facilitate competitive play, a feature which I look forward to above all others. If that keeps changing, it either interrupts comp play until players are able to get to the new cap every time it's altered or mandates use of a non-top tier for comp, which is not good for the game as most players would only bother reaching that comp tier.