Holy s, TE was taken out of the any queue? I missed that update. I thought i just dont get any matches because there are none. I used to have to wait 10+ min back when i wanted only TE and thus i just click any...

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Would you say then that Corvettes or Snipers toping the kill sheets is mainly due to the immense talent of their players or that as many puts it, that the players they kill are bad?

It's a little bit pulled by the hairs isn't it?

Oh you bet that is. There is an immense difference between an arty that can shoot a Valcour down from the sky and an Arty that doesn't know how to raise shield. There is also an immense difference between a vette that can time the 40k burst damage with a vette that can't even aim assault warp (like me)

People don't see how much work others put into the kills, they just see that they are dead. And instead of appraising the skills of others, they are deluded that the others are OP because no way they could die that fast being the "good" players as they are

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Also from the ingame description and from what you see often, Ships have their role against others. In Dreadnought it is written like so:

Corvette > Artillery > Dreadnought > Destroyer > Corvette

But it is already like that. You can't close the distance to arties without vettes, and you can't keep up with vette speed without destroyers. Everything else is just awareness

I didn't say it is not already like this. I know it is and that ships have their strengths and weaknesses. I completely agree with you in terms of the effort required when seeing a high number in kills as vette player. When i started using vettes, i was like "how do i even survive in this thing, not to mention kill anybody and get away with it?" It was a steep learning curve, as is with any other ships. That said, if a player really knows what he's doing, the same high numbers of kills can be found with any ship. I sailed with a player once who got 15+ kills in EVERY single match as a destroyer. It is possible with every ship type, it just requires skill. Heck i even managed to get it with an offensive Tac Cruiser once.

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And as I said, I understand why that is, with them not really having any good counters in T1-T2. But half the problem is >also peoples inability to change there play style. Using the same modules they have been using since T1 will not help >them.

The problem is, why is there a class of ship (corvette) that needs special builds to deal with? Why is there a class of ship that can run roughshod over every other class of ship out there? I don't see people complaining about the OP arty cruisers, or tac cruisers. I don't see complaints about the grossly OP destroyers, or Dreadnoughts. Where are the talks about special builds to stop a dread, or a tac? When you see a volume of complaints about one ship type, yup there is a problem.

From what I see, is some want to keep their OP ships, and will do anything to defend it. It's like the carriers in WoWS, a grossly OP class that was slightly nerfed to become moderately OP. Many of the players just stopped playing CVs as it was no longer easy street, you actually had to think to wreck in them.

Like I said, there should be some ships that are vulnerable to corvettes, like tacs and arties, and there are some ships that a corvette should ignore at all costs, destroyers and dreads, unless those ships are weakened by others. When corvettes can use some builds to be able to wreck a full health, full energy dread, than there is a problem. I keep hearing the corvette players say people should use teamwork to combat corvettes. Well, maybe the corvettes should have to use teamwork to kill targets like destroyers and dreads, that would be fair, wouldn't it?

While I do think corvettes are on the strong side, your sentence that only corvettes need a special build to deal with them is plain wrong. According to the rock paper scissors principle, strengths are as follows:

Corvette > Artillery > Dreadnought > Destroyer > Corvette

While I think a dedicated Tac Cruiser is far better at the job than a Destroyer, the idea of a tac cruiser is to be a tactical choice. Does he heal, mess up enemies or hunt corvettes. If you don't think the rock paper scissors principle applies, go on 1vs1 with a Jupiter Arms Destroyer against an Akula Vector Dreadnought. You will loose. You can't win. Same with an 1vs1 with a corvette against a destroyer. The destroyer uses shield and spams flak attacks.

If you suck against a corvette you are either a bad player or you are an arty cruiser. And in most cases it is never only an 1vs1. The corvette usually tries to sneak up on you so they can hit you by surprise and get an advantage. If they manage, you are a bad player because they are visible on the map, a map you should check about every second with the eye corners.

My opinion on the matter:

The corvette is primarily a scout / fighter ship. Its idea is simple. It has a very fragile hull and lots of speed. I think Dreadnought did at least the spead part pretty well. I think Corvettes should all be nearer the health level of a Valcour, they basically are too bulky as corvettes. As for damage, the idea of a corvette is to either take out valuable targets within enemy formation and evade enemy fire, or to dance around slow ships like the dreadnought which have no means to defend against it. The damage should be so high, that with a couple of attack runs (4-6) the corvette can take down the dreadnought and with one to max three attack runs the valuable targets (aka healer / sniper).

A ship shouldn't be too hard to kill for a corvette because if it has to do multiple runs, there can be a guarantee that a healer will have repaired the damaged ship to full until one can launch the 2nd attack run.

If you think in the way you see corvettes / fighters in space movies, usually the weapons themselves are only made for lighter ships, like fighter against fighter. Their "modules" i.e. missiles are a different story though. Missiles are capable of reasonable damage. The corvette in Dreadnought has these options, but the base damage is also too high. I would propose to drastically reduce health and firepower and decrease the cooldown or increase the damage for missiles / torpos. Their weapons should still remain strong enough to fight enemy fighters well. Their shields should absorb only a percentage of damage, maybe 80 / 85 and keep the very high energy usage. Like that they can take one or two hits but then are left fully defenseless.

Also from the ingame description and from what you see often, Ships have their role against others. In Dreadnought it is written like so:

Corvette > Artillery > Dreadnought > Destroyer > Corvette

Now I personally think a specialised tac cruiser is much better at corvette hunting and I think that is a valid design choice. Tac Cruisers should be tactical, so specialised in something. One might be specialised in healing, one in crippling the enemy and one in killing corvettes.

Every team must be willing to have at least one anti-corvette ship as well as they should be willing to have anti-artillery corvettes and anti-destroyer dreadnoughts, because that's how the devs intended the game. I saw some people complaining about having to pick a ship they didn't want. Well, you fight as a team and a team is only as good as well as it synergises. If you are not willing to synergise with your team, go play another game where teamplay is not required.

So yesterday i sat down and looked at ships. I specialise in Oberon ships because they look cool to me and i like how most of them feel. I wanted to build my perfect ships. My result was the following:


Primary: Ballistic Barrage

Secundary: Flechettes

Perimeter: Armor Booster Pulse

Internal: Assault Thrusters

Role: Heavy Destroyer, the Invictus cant really take a name as Dreadnought, but should be considered front line destroyer, getting close to an enemy with amped thrusters and then Barrage until the enemy drops dead. With the Armor Booster Pulse you can set up a defensive Perimeter for you and your allies. Additionally, your Flechettes can have a little effect on the enemy too.


Primary: Plasma Ram

Secundary: Torpedo Salvo

Perimeter: Drain Pulse

Internal: Thrust Amplifier

Role: Hit & Run, you pick a target and storm it with PTE and Thrust amplifiers on. Upon entering range, you drain pulse, blast ram and unload torpedo salvo. Then you fly away shooting your guns at him while doing so. Any unprepped medium or smaller ship will not survived this. This layout builds on the Brutus excellent speed. The ram skills need fast maneuvering and are dangerous due to close range.


Primary: Target Blink Warp

Secundary: Weaponbreaker Torpedo

Perimeter: Autoguns

Internal: Immelmann Maneuver

Role: Assassin, the major drawback of this corvette is its ridiculously low speed. This makes common dogfighting very dangerous. As a remedy you use Target warp at an enemy to get up close, activate weaponbreaker and autoguns. Your enemy now realises you and starts shooting. Now's the point where you should immelmann the f*ck around your target, getting movement and damage reduction in the maneuver. After the fight chicken out with another target warp or PTE.


Weapon: Machine Gun

Primary: Stasis Autobeams

Secundary: Flechettes

Perimeter: Anti Missile Pulse

Internal: Armor Amplifier

Role: Corvette Bait, the Stabia has fast attacks and thus forgiving if you miss one or another. It is very vulnerable as a Sniper because it has to get much closer to do respectable damage. Thus and because they are usually main target of corvettes, my build specialies in bringing them down. The stasis autobeams make sure the corvette doesnt escape while you load your enemy with flechettes. Your trapped corvette might try desperately to use his attack capabilities to hurt you so be aware of missiles to pulse counter them or use the armor amplifier after his weapon reloads.


Primary: Repair Drones

Secundary: Energy Missile

Perimeter: Repair Autobeams

Internal: Target Warp

Role: Heal support, basically you jump from ally to ally healing them as much as possible with your weapon, drones and autobeam. Occasionally when the moment is opportune, drop an energy missile on an ally so tey can reactivate shield or get a needed damage booster.

Dear Community Managers

I wonder why I have to log in twice to the game: Once to the Launcher and once to the game. Is this just a Beta stage procedure or will this stay? Because I have a long email address and it's annoying to type it all the time. And I believe it's technically possible smile



This is likely to be related to the Red Sands map crash. You could try to deinstall the game and delete all remaining files and then install it again.

@Draex: Are there files being saved to different paths than the installation path? I know a lot of games put some things in the Windows Documents folder