es gibt zwei lösungen dafür, eine schnelle und eine richtige, wenn dir die schnelle lieber ist, dann wunder dich nicht wenn am ende nichts mehr richtig funktioniert und du deinen fortschrit seit dem aufspielen von 1.10 verlierst
die richtige braucht etwas mehr zeit, ja aber das nichts passiert kannst du nicht behaupten, nur weil du den devs nicht über die schulter siehst

oder ganz anders gefragt, was arbeitest du?

well, i like arties, but if the enemy team has healers, even if its just one hiding behind a wall, i can't kill anything, exapt some other arties or a vette by a luck-hit, but every think else i hit gots fully heald by just one healer while my weapon still reloads so, arties not op, healers may be, as more as the enemy have as lower your chances are to kill one of them, even as artie against some weak hulls cause there are non you would oneshot (exapt vettes maybe, but most times they're to fast)

the main problem is not the single ship-type/class (well healers need a bit a nerf but mainly for its self defenses and selfheals) the main problem with all ship-classes is that teams sometimes take 4 or 5 of the same types and overwelm even the counter-classes just cause of they're more, so it may need a cap of same ships in each team like max 2 healers, max 3 dreads, destroyers, artillery or vettes at the same time, so that not every time your single dread gets shooted by 5 artilery or 5 destroyers never get really damaged cause of the 3 healers around them, and so on

so please don't call a ship OP just cause your enemy use 4, 5, 6 or more of them at same time against you

yes, if you remove the mode that quest(s) should also be removed, cause sometimes i get two TE quests but just can reroll for one other so thats really annoying

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Sturmkraehe_#6883 posted (#post-205356) said:

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yeah, and till you get into a legendary you could (at moment) play three vet and wait theyr cooldowns between

And there you see the problem that BB trys to solve... Don't be afraid to play legendary, sheeple!!!

Ok then!

/waits 3 hours and gives up

What's next?

Look, I play on PS4/Europe. We are a rather small population. There might be around 50 people with t5. BUT we have 4-5 guys that organize times and matches. We play legendary even in off-peak-times. So maybe just stop the QQ and get your a$$ up and organize yourselfs. Don't be afraid to lose a few matches against a supirior enemy and fear not the death of your pixelship.

eehhh, PS4, well maybe thats our fault, we play on PC...
and tell me, how could we organise ourself for legendary, if we can't communicate through the hangar??? well PS4 maybe contains a seperate chat that already every PS4 have but yaah, PC not really, ok, there is this Forum, where you may have to wait days for an answer to a legendary match, than there maybe is TS³ and Discord, where maybe 20% of the players on PC are online, maybe 15% on TS³ and 5% on Discord... and most of them aren't interested in a legendary match while vet is more easy to win and lagendary with BB not really gives as much more exp/credits ... xD

so if you really want to get into a legendary match you may have to be in one of theese high-end clans, on theyr TS³/Discord and coordinate there a legendary match with some other clans, but theese are full matches, 8v8 from two clans so how could one single player just for that xp bonus come into???

well, like i say, legendary does not contains anything that would make worth the hours and hours of extra work to get in, in that case you also could wait theese 8 min of BB-coldown

and to be honest, in case of the "not longer Beta" release on PS4 the community there maybe is bigger than on PC

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New system sucks! Players would rather get the modules they want sooner and grinding with those modules to get the next ship, rather than grind for so long to get to the modules they want while having modules they don't want, only to unlock the next ship at the same time.

Also, what's with the increased costs at T5? That doesn't make any sense! There's no next tier to redistribute ship cost from, so why were the prices jacked at T5?

From what i understand, the cost of the ship was put in to the tech tree of that ship. So the cost of a T5 ship, was put in to the T5 tech tree. A bad idea imo

thats wrong, the cost of the next ship is contained into the research for it, in T5 the research contains the cost of the still not existing T6 ship, but yeah, the T5-module-cost theme does, in my opinion, not matter anyway, cause legendary is not really played, just cause T5 ships are nothing new than the T4 ships, just more expensive and mayby a bit more beautiful but thats all

so gesehen is das richtig, aber hierbei geht es ja um anpassungen der kosten aufgrund der beschwerden der user über die vorherige änderung, also im prinzip ein zurücknehmen der änderung

vergleichbar mit einem rückruf eines produkts, da gibts dann auch geld zurück, nur das wir im selben moment die selben module billiger wieder einkaufen womit es dann also nur die differenz zurück gibt, also würedest du ein auto in zahlung geben um ein neues zu kaufen und musst dadurch nur die differenz bezahlen

außerdem is der zeitraum nicht nen halbes jahr sondern wenn überhaupt, dann 2 monate

und zu guter letzt geht es hier auch nicht um irgendeine graffikkarte die aufgrund von inflation, nachfrage, und marktpräsenz an wert verliert, sondern um ein fiktives produckt innerhalb einer fiktiven umgebung welches durch eine änderung um das doppelte bis dreifache teurer wurde, von einem tag auf den anderen, und nun, nachdem die user sich über diese entwicklung ausreichend (und zu recht) beschwert haben, wird dieser fiktive preis wieder nach unten angepasst. folglich kann ich mich doch dieser fiktiven illusion hingeben, das fiktive geld/punkte was ich für dieses fiktive produkt zuviel ausgegeben habe, in der fiktiven differenz zum nochmals angepassten, fiktiven preis, zurück zu erhalten um damit weitere fiktive produkte zu kaufen und so in dieser fiktiven umgebung bessere chancen zu haben... fiktiv!

yeah, and till you get into a legendary you could (at moment) play three vet and wait theyr cooldowns between

mal gleich ne blöde frage zu anfang, werden die bereits für die teureren module ausgegebenen punkte zurückerstattet, oder besser gesagt die differenz zu den später angepassten??? also nur das das gleich von vornherein mit eingeplant wird, nich das dann wieder tonnen an beschwerden über verlorene punkte rein kommen ;-)

ah thats the reason why it is more expensive to rebuy the battlebonus than what you get for loosing a vet
and maybe thats the reason why i most times get the uncoordinated team in vet??? xD

well, maybe, but i play some recruit between battlebonus even if i could rebuy the battlebonus, just because all my ships there are finished and playable, not like the most ones in vet

that sounds well