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and what do we learn wich feature is needed to solve theese problems like the most others???

yes, the ingame-voicechat

thats exactly what i mean, a 3D minimap-"Ball" wich shows walls, buildings and your ship in the centre, all ships that don't have walls or buildings between you and them, as next all ships that gets marked from your team, even if there are walls/buildinge between, with the mark also on the minimap, and last but not least, all ships of your team wich "talks" if with the "message-ring" that is already ingame and also if they use textchat or (ingame-)voicechat.

well, i found a post wich contains an idea what would makle it more sensfull to play still some recruit while the cooldowns of vet, cause with that idea you could use the ship EXP from t2 ships also (without or with small cost of credits, not GP) for the t3/4/5 ships in the research line.

i personally prefere the credit-cost-version, cause for free it would make the free exp senseless and to change ship into free also

...well, if i would play the jutland, i would play it as last defense for the artillery in my team gainst everything that try to closefight them, cause with broadside (or even nukes/tartaros or maybe hangars, if they would work properly), tractor, flechet and stuff its hard gainst vettes or even destroyers, so i think that works, if i want to play at the frontline i play akula, cause of its stronger defense, or even oberon cause of its, for a dread, extreme speed (but i prefer akula, cause it looks best of all three, in my opinnion^^)

sounds interesting, but i fear that the better team could save that ship gainst the weaker team, that they never get something out of, so theese ships should be strong enough to need both teams working together to kill it, but well, that would turn the sense of the game

well, that is not so interesting, exapt for t1 or t3 ships, but yeah, t1 are for free so you wont get something out of them, so just t3 left for resell but theese vew credits will be the lowe problem, if you would get the exp back it would be more interesting.
and all that just if it would still be the old tech-tree system, with the new one the ships dont need any credits to buy them, so you woundn't get anything back, and the exp cost of a ship is... jah cheap, the modules are more expensive, so the resell option wouldn't be interesting as long as the modules aren't sold back for exp too...
well and the part of realism... well if you get just credits back ok, but they're not so much needed like i sayed, but if you get exp back... well its like evolution would delete the done steps and the used time for to use it for the folloing steps wich wouldn't exist without the steps before...
sry to say that but this idea is not really the best ;-)

also one of the cloakes of artillery made it able to fire its mainweapon, if not both but yeah, the minimap thing is a bit different than in some other games but more realistic in that case that walls etc also block radar, but well, i would prefer a 3D minimap wich looks like a Ball wich also shows walls etc just with your ship in the centre, instead of that 2D minimap that only shows ships, and even teammates wich "talks" should be shown up on the minimap for a short time (as long as they "talk") even if they are behind a wall or something wich normaly make them dissapear on the minimap.

but yah, thats my opinion^^

one more reaso, you mean, cause the battlebonus-cooldown is long enough to play rekrute while waiting for veteran
legendary still not played but if you get faster trough your prefered shipline cause you can use the exp trough the hole line without have to pay real money for changing exp into free it may be more easy to reach even t5 ships and theyr modules, so maybe it could also help to make t5 and legendary used more cause more players get faster into that ships needed

sry for bad english, i pre-party silvester xDDD

ok, verbesserte kommunikation, aber heißt das damit auch voicechat oder nur besserer textchat??? denn nach dem was ich in dem post gelesen habe schien es mehr um den textchat zu gehen, um die möglichkeit schon im hangar mit leuten zu schreiben und sowas, von voicechat war da nirgends die rede, daher hab ich mir auch so überlegt hier diesen post zu machen um dazu zu animieren die devs zu überreden die verbesserung der kommunikation gleich richtig zu machen, bzw mehr details bezüglich dieses vorhabens preiszugeben

...bin ich der einzige der das so sieht???