I haven't even unlocked Veteran Fleet yet, and I've only purchased two tier 2 ships, saving every pennny for a tier 3. So my recruit fleet has a tier 2 destroyer and a tier 2 dreadnought, everything else is tier 1...and half the time I'm up against Tier IV, including these hero sniper ships that kill me before I can even put up my shield!

I'ml rolling around in little tier 2 ships, then get cut down and I see the weapon is a VIII ballistic cannon? WTF??

How are people able to bring these into recruit matches?

I downloaded the game a weeK ago, and loved the concept even though I feel some matchmaking issues and bug fixes are needed.

I've invested $9.99 and a dozen hours so far on the ps4, have a few tier 3 ships and a Tier 4 dreadnought, but I just hate the crazy long queue times! 5min for veteran fleet with an 8min cooldown after each match! and 20-30min for Legendary fleet! And team elimination just never happens lol!

Is the PC population larger with shorter queue times? And if so, is it worth jumping over to PC nd abandoning my progress on the PS4?