There are no power-ups in the game as of yet. And in fairness... I have played over 230 matches in the game so far and have only encountered a double Koschei squad twice.

How about this instead... at some point closer to the end, the station splits in two in a massive explosion (and causes there to have a significant distance between the two halves, but because of the fact that it has, for the sake of argument, two computer cores, the team that is tasked with collecting the data must split up and have at bare minimum two players per core.

I know it would take away from the team-play aspect at the end, but it would also cause 'turtleing' to diminish.

Playzintraffic#4851 posted (#post-41353)

Base should just be AI. Make the action about the core mechanic of ships fighting ships.


I would imagine they would be roughly the same size as destroyers... but they would probaly be in essence the battle-cruisers of the game. More main weapon firepower than a dreadnought or a destroyer, but with modules geared towards survive-ability or utility. Faster than most dreads, but slower than the average destroyer, with health in the median between dread and destroyer.

Like I said earlier... the devs can run wild with this one. Non-human design opens the doors for some pretty bizarre and interesting ship structure and abilities. I could well imagine a trans-human artillery cruiser that is essentially a massive gyroscopic sphere with a pointy thing (gun) pointing in one direction. Perfect omni-directional firing capabilities, and god knows what kind of weaponry they would feel like putting on it.


I would like to wager that the ship on the top left of the screen... the one that looks like a crossbow - the one with the circular thrust points on the back and the two winglike structures on the front (it is facing away from you) - is the Pale Dreadnought. Or at the very least, it looks to have enough bulk to be a dread while not conforming to any of the known human designs. Looks like it would be fun to captain tho. Small profile from front or sides like the athos, while still having the firepower and hp of a dread... I wantz.


is that other ship, the one that you can see more clearly in front of the crossbow one, suppose to be a aircraft carrier? It does look vaguely like one what with the flat top part and side mounted superstructure.

True, but look at it another way. The re-purposed hulls that the house Oberon appropriated were from captured ships. The idea of getting/decoding schematics from, say, a still functional trans-human shipyard would open new doors. For the sake of diversity, if not lore, I refuse to believe that the trans-humans had only 3/4 ships. Besides, they did leave that option for the Pale Dreadnought open when they announced the Trident. I for one would love to see a house Oberon (futuristic streamline) dreadnought that can actually take on a Monarch class without flinching.

Also, how many of you have payed attention to the background of this very page?

I counted 3 or 4 ships in the background that, by default, must be trans-human in design as none look like any of the existing ships. I would like to see more than a few of them in the game.

It has always been my opinion that, with a few exceptions like the Athos and the Grenada (and the trident re-texture of the monarch), the house Oberon ships looked the best in the game. I play mainly dreadnoughts and destroyers. I love my Talionis (or whatever they are calling it now). I did not like the Invictus - I thought it was pointless, being essentially a Huscarl with different available modules - and so would love to see or play as a transhuman dreadnought like the Pale Dreadnought who can match in power and survive-ability a Monarch class.

When it comes down to it... I really just want to learn more about the transhuman society. I know it is fictional: that is actually in part why. In a situation like this, the devs can really have fun creating absurd designs, not just for ships, but also for architecture in the new maps. It is not often you get the chance to think outside the box, even in the creation of games. Whenever someone does, it is always a sight worth seeing.

So I was thinking. We have a mostly full set of the human ships. Why not, at public launch, introduce the new faction and new ships under the name:

Remnants of the Transhuman Era.

Lets go ahead and say:

With the threat of piracy diminishing, the PFC and (we really need to come up with a name for the hangar -- I know it was somewhere in the tutorial, but it escapes my mind) have grown confident enough to explore the wreckage of the trans-human occupied worlds. In this wreckage they found a uncompleted prototype trans-human ship (premium ship, the "Pale Dreadnought"'s (as in the Bio of the Trident) uncompleted sister ship). Additionally, in the computer banks of a few of the colonies, they discovered mostly un-corrupted, but encrypted, schematics for a large number of the ships used against the PFC in the Great Solar War.

This paves the way for an additional 15 possible ships (or more, if you add new classes of ship to the PFC fleet).

Scientists are working on decoding the schematics (and as such, giving you time to draw them up).

Additionally, the trans-human terraformer technology has been uncovered, and now many skirmishes have erupted over the rights to claim the many new worlds now within human civilization's grasp.

this means you can create all the new maps that spring to mind

This is good news for you mercenary: This means that we all will soon have more work than we can handle.


I would think a nice way to implement carriers, if not through making a whole new class of ship, is by adding an expanded interceptor/bomber/fighter module to the tactical cruisers. As we all know, tactical cruisers have virtually no damage output, preferring a solely support role. Why not add a fighter or bomber wing to them. Of course, the current aircraft specs being what they are, who would choose to. In order to really make it worthwhile, they would need to either buff the craft themselves or double/triple the number of them launched from the game's existing dreadnought module.

Nautilus#8546 posted (#post-41358)

It sounds cool. But the gameplay would be lame, very lame. The carrier would either be under powered or overpowered.

Think about it, you get a lock on target in range and launch fighters. Then you hide. This is annoying from an enemy stand point as they really can't defend against you unless they rush in or have anti-fighter/missile modules to take out fighters. This is not good gameplay because now the devs either make your fighters do little damage and that's not fun for you or they do too much but now you inflict a good amount of damage while yourself not worrying about retaliation and that's not fun for the enemy.

Only way i see fighters working is as a module and as secondary damage like they did with the Dreadnaught not as the primary damage that would be with a carrier.

Think about that. Most maps are not big enough for a carrier to hide in. When I see a carrier being added to the game, I see it being larger than a monarch by a factor of 4/3, and I see it having horrid up/down/left/right but i see it having atleast so-so speed.

Something 4/3 the size of a monarch simply has too much bulk to hide, and with its poor maneuverability, I would be loathe to even attempt to maneuver it into a close orbit with anything. The way I see carriers as massive drone spouters. Drones are easy to hit and easy to kill, but I see them coming in such numbers that a single drone 'salvo' to borrow the word would let about 5 or 6 bombers through a lone dreadnought defenses. I see those 5 or 6 fighters leaving the dreadnought with about 40% hp, and i dont see them getting away. I see a long reload on fighter salvo (lets say 30 sec after return/complete annihilation).

Additionally, there could be modules to allow a corvette or destroyer to track the 'emissions' from the bombers back to the source (the carrier).

Basically, a carrier should not be able to take down a single enemy alone. But at the same time, it should not be found alone either. A carrier and their smaller craft should be like a cleanup force and an assist force. In a group, it significantly increases the damage output of a fleet. And the speed of the smaller bombers allow it to overtake and destroy a fleeing isolated enemy. But the combined AA screen of a full enemy fleet (or even of two ships near eachother, to spit the targeting of the bombers, and with only one of the two solely dedicated to targeting the aircraft) should be more than enough to completely eliminate its effects on the battlefield.

When i say this, I mean the person to target the craft specifically. No automatic AA.

When you think about it in this sense, you can easily get an idea of how carriers are used in the modern era on the water as well.

They are vulnerable alone, and easy to destroy. they are big, bulky, have horrible maneuverability, but more than adequate strait line speed. When paired with other non-carrier craft, they act as a un-ignoreable distraction for their flotilla and their flotilla acts as a similar distraction for the carriers aircraft. Powerful against a lone enemy, perfect for hunting a med/large sized enemy craft. very week against a group. And most importantly, very nearly impossible to hide.

A carrier should not be a death-star. It should be a precision instrument, acting much like the corvettes in this game do. Only difference is instead of risking life and limb in a very powerful, fast, high output craft, it sends in small swarms of weak grunts in its place -- favoring a defensive posture of the mother-ship itself and not risking life or limb.

When you compare a corvette to a carrier, the main effective difference is that carriers center more towards group combat and are better at assisting allies in groups, while corvettes are the better assassins and have their combat effectiveness greatly diminished.

One on one, the winner between a corvette and a carrier is just a matter of range. Carrier has the firepower to assassinate a corvette... as long as he gets the corvette before it can get close enough to use the beam cannons.

I apologize for rambling on,


I have to wonder... what would happen if someone went 3 Grenada, 1 Medic, and 1 (corvette hunter build) destroyer. If the Grenada's just focus fired on things, they could kill the entire enemy team in 15 seconds flat. Less if the destroyer had weapon-booster pulse.

Food for thought.

Oh my god... just like that time my entire team (myself included) went Fulgora. We just snuck up with beams and focus fired.... things just evaporated. We took out a Monarch (with shields up), in 14 seconds... and he was so confused he didn't know who to fire at.

Lastly, given how under-powered interceptors and other module aircraft are currently, I think that the carrier should have access to no less than 5 squads of 5 fighters a piece, or 3 squads of 4 interceptors a piece. It may not be a bad idea to add in a new type of aircraft like zerek suggested (the bomber) -- give it the slowest speed of all the aircraft in the game, but also make its bombs fairly powerful (lets say, one bomb from a bomber is worth 6.5 bombs from a fighter).

A large part of my choice of bombing-runs vs damage-per-run was give a different feeling to each ship. Where as my proposed Light Carrier would have some thing akin to a constant swarm that engulf the enemy ship, the Heavy Carrier would be closer to a surgical striker, trying their best to harass enemy artillery and tacticals.

Might be better to invert that... giving a smaller carrier a larger bulk of fighters sort of goes against common sense. Perhaps have it go heavy to light classifications like with the destroyers. Biggest one with most (weak) fighters comes first, and smallest (and fastest) one with the real heavy-hitting (slightly larger in size and quality, but smaller in number) aircraft as the rank 25 piece.


Sorry about misspelling your name... I know how odd it is for someone with my level of diction to not know how to use it properly.