Are these Community Hot Topics or Developer Hot topics?

I feel like this post was made in an attempt to redirect the conversation away from things many players actually want to know.

It is possible to save up free xp and simply allow the Dola to gain xp by keeping it on your fleet and only using it in ideal matches.

For newer players who are determined to use the Dola right away I'd highly suggest having a little patience until at least the Goliath Torpedo can be unlocked. This is a fantastic weapon to have at the ready.

The toughest thing with the Dola is that you have to avoid being caught in the open or being surprised. If you're caught at range and can't get into cover, you are probably done for. Many of your allies are going to move faster than you as well, so you really have to be aware of where they are headed and where you should be going. But to make the best of the Goliath, you want to be able to surprise your opponents or come from angles they don't expect.

You can still do really well in the Dola, but it takes more skill to do so. Some people go for rams in the dola as well. I think they're crazy, but hey, if they're enjoying themselves, all the better.

Well HoHeathen, if you want to keep your standards down there, letting them just make a really cheap close in minimap, that's fine for you.

But not for everyone.

The thing is, if they make the minimap adjustable, that is not preventing you from using your preferred zoomed in view.

It would be better if some of the ribbons were not broken.

This system really needs some work. It could do much to alleviate some of the complaints about maintenance and xp gain.

There is a lesson to be pulled from the World of '___' games in terms of map handling. Heck, those are just the first games. There are quite a few to choose from really to get an idea of what players expect. If those expectations can't be met then it just becomes a disappointment.

They show the map, divide it into quadrants and then show circles and cones extending from your vehicle that tells the ranges and facing of your ship.

There is no reason they can't show the map as your minimap and then show circles and cones for pertinent information in Dreadnought as well. Let us zoom in and out as we prefer. The minimap can be a wonderful concentrated source of information for us to use. But it takes practice and skill to make use of it.

If they want to keep the same style of minimap as we have now, they could add vertical lines above or below other ships to show that those ships are above or below you.

The minimap we have right now though is on the edge of useless when compared to games that Dreadnought is currently competing with. It should be better.

As stated above, the mini-map is very small, making it difficult to find allies and act based on enemy positions.

While the previous size might have been a bit much, it was far more useful than what we have now. Right now as a Tac, if my team gets scattered, It's not unusual to be unable to the group. I can't see them visually, I can't see them via mini-map. This just makes it so much more likely be smashed by opponent teams as I wander aimlessly, trying to figure out where everyone went.

I'm not saying this could happen. I'm saying this HAS happened. The mini-map change just serves to make the game more frustrating. There is a happy middle ground I'm sure, but it really seems like it was missed here.

I would suggest leaving this numbers out of the chat window. They have uses in places like scoreboards and the hangar screen, but may not be needed in the regular play chat window.

Also, I notice at the end of every match every single name is displayed with the number "123456".

Both the hulls looks pretty good, but comparing them alongside the T1 and T4 ships in the line, it seems like the models are backwards. In terms of visual style, the Otranto is more similar to the Agosta while the Trafalgar is more similar to the Vigo.

So the T3 looks like the T1 and the T2 looks like the T4. This doesn't seem right.

I would like maint to be tweaked so middling players aren't getting punished for trying to play in veteran. I'm not against bottom list players losing credits, but perhaps it could be adjusted down some more?

I still stand by my opinion that the game would feel far more fair if there was a T2/T3 tier that would make T3s feel more rewarding to play for lower skilled players. That doesn't have a chance of being a thing until we get a bunch more players though.

I think the better credit machines are the Arties and Corvettes if you can get good with them.

I have no trouble earning xp on my Tacticals, but credits doesn't seem to come so easy.