The only problem is if you don't have purge unlocked or available and they playerbase doen't have enough of those ships modules unlocked yet...


Four Bugs encountered I've posted about them in Dev tracker.

More paints and pattern please!

One suggestion make all Officer Briefings available on T3 ships to help level the playing field.

Good to know as it has a high purchase price in Exp. so I can skip them all together.

Found new bug to add to that.

For my first skill on the Fulgora I bought a Blinkwarp. Only the Exp. not the credits. When I reloged It had purchased the Drain Torpedo with the Exp. and the Blinkwarp was unpurchased.

Workaround: Don't unlock anything with Exp. untill you have the credits to also buy it.

Well thats all Dreadnaughts have got going for them IMO, without them I would not field them especailly after healing being nerfed which needed to happen of course.

Hmmm. A better comunication wheel could help. It's annoying when aiming at an enemy and firing away defnding yourself and then not being able to call for help without looking away from what your doing. Different orders of action against a certain enemy ship thats giving you trouble could be nice.Orders that hint at what that ships weakness might be to educate players on the fly as to what might help the situation best. I see players still don't understand their rolls like tank, healer, support, burst-damage, flanker even at Tier 3+ let alone what counters to use.

Had the same problem heard others talk about it oh the chat too.

Thats fine but how many guys that got their arses handed to them dumped the game.
People can handle it a few times but many won't. Thats a big deal with so little numbers the chances of getting PUB stomped more often goes up.
If Pub stomping is the general new player experience thats detramental to the game and playerbase in general and I want this game to expand and get bigger and better.

I have nothing against people PUB stomping only the effect it may be having on the playerbase. I want the game to turn a profit and produce more content I'm normaly pretty stingy on putting money into games in general but I want to support this game but I'm afraid I'll be investing in vaporware within a matter of months.

I hope the Devs drop some hints at what they're working on for a bit of hype.

And the other thing is once you've managed to select a ship and then use the chat window it deselects the ship you just chose.

+ 5 more bugs

1)Dola modules bugged and locked

2)Unlocking a module with Exp. (and then not purchasing that module with credits).- on relog changes from the module you chose to unlock to a (random?) different module on Fulgora.(anyship) (This may have been human error on my part)

3)Relogging or after match: Hanger loadout order is randomised making joining battles that are already underway extra annoying when you can't choose a default ship.

4)Chat warnings for using zero lude words or inuendo and then sometimes none for something that might be considered more offensive like using slang. I fear there may be a real chance of banning legitimate nonoffensive people if this gets policed sevearly.

5) For the career rewards "Battlescared Ship" & "Transpherable Assets" The erned Exp. vaules have been swapped. they must have because how can I have spent more "Free Exp." than I have erned. Either that or the Battlescared ship value has been rest to an earlier time.


Me too.